GTA Remastered Trilogy release date farther away than expected claims leaker

GTA character walking towards two cars

Rumors have been running wild about a GTA Remastered Trilogy, with fans eager to jump back into Vice City and San Andreas. Unfortunately, a well-known leaker claims we’re going to have to wait longer than first thought to get our hands on it.

The Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the most popular in gaming for the better part of two decades. So, when Take-Two revealed it had three unannounced remasters in the works, the hype for a remaster of GTA Trilogy really started to pick up.

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Speculation only grew in the weeks that followed, especially when a Kotaku report seemed to confirm the remaster. From there, various leaks and reports emerged explaining the major changes set to be added and when the trilogy is likely to release.

GTA Trilogy Remastered artworks

While it’s almost certain that the GTA Remastered Trilogy, containing Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas, is real and in development, the release date has been up for debate. The Kotaku report pointed towards a November launch this year but a prominent leaker has spoken out claiming that fans will have to be a little more patient.

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Leaker Tom Henderson said in a Twitter post that while most of what he has been told has been covered, he doesn’t think the November launch is accurate. He claims that a 2022 release is more likely, although he did not go into a specific launch window.

While this isn’t the news that GTA fans want to hear, it does seem to make sense when you look at Take-Two’s other plans for the series. A remastered version of GTA V and the standalone GTA Online game are due to hit next-gen consoles on November 11, giving players plenty to get stuck into this fall.

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Take-Two and Rockstar would probably be happy to release the remastered trilogy next year in order to give their other new projects room to breathe. It would also be a way of keeping the community ticking over while they continue to work on the long-awaited GTA 6.

We’ll keep you updated with all of the latest news on the remastered trilogy as it happens. For more on GTA, check out the latest patch notes for GTA Online and our guide on how to get your hands on the Prize Ride Vehicle.

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Image credits: Take-Two Interactive