How to get Zenless Zone Zero Twitch Drops

Aryan Singh
Ellen, Billy, and Nekomata from Zenless Zone Zero

Being a Gacha game, Zenless Zone Zero can be pretty grindy especially if you’re aiming to pull S-Rank characters. This makes it all the more important to grab every free reward you can get, be it through Codes or Twitch Drops.

There are five ZZZ Twitch Drop rewards active currently, offering in-game currencies, materials, and more. Without further ado, here’s how to get them.

How to get Twitch Drops

  • Head to the official Zenless Zone Zero Twitch Drops page.
  • Log in to your HoYoverse account.
  • Then, log into your Twitch account and select ‘Link and Activate Twitch Drops‘.
  • You’re now ready to receive Drops by tuning into streams and fulfilling the requirements.

You’ll have to watch at least 15 minutes of the game on Twitch to get the first reward. Make sure that the stream you’ve tuned has Drops enabled and falls under the ‘Zenless Zone Zero’ category.

ZZZ account linking screen
Linking accounts is quick and easy.

All rewards

12,000 DennyWatch for 15 minutes
2x Senior Investigator LogWatch for 30 minutes
3x W-Engine Energy ModuleWatch for 45 minutes
2x Bamboo System WidgetWatch for 60 minutes
50 PolychromeWatch for 120 minutes

Rewards are available at these dates:

  • Start dates:
    • July 4, 9:29 PM PT
    • July 5, 01:29 AM ET
    • July 5, 05:29 AM BST
  • Expiry dates:
    • July 23, 9:29 PM PT
    • July 24, 01:29 AM ET
    • July 24, 05:29 AM BST

The rewards on offer include Dennies. These are used to pay for upgrades and Polychromes, which come in handy while pulling for new characters.

With ZZZ finally live on all platforms, make sure to check out all upcoming events and how to get free characters.

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