All Zenless Zone Zero voice actors: Chinese & Japanese cast

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Zenless Zone Zero main characters

Zenless Zone Zero is a new take on gacha games, but you’ll still have a massive roster of unique playable characters. Voice actors grant realism to these animated characters, and here are all the Chinese and Japanese voice actors for Zenless Zone Zero.

Voice actors have always played a major role in adding a sense of realism to the favorite fictional and animated characters of fans around the world. This is especially true for gacha games like Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact in which players critically judge every aspect of a character before spending Primogems or Stellar Jade to unlock them.

Zenless Zone Zero will be no exception, and the developers have already revealed the characters who’ll be playable and unlockable at launch. As usual, the community is excited to know everything about these characters, including not just their in-game combat abilities and backstory but also their voice actors.

On that note, here’s a list of all Chinese and Japanese voice actors in Zenless Zone Zero.

Anby and the Cunning Hares group in Honkai Star Rail
Zenless Zone Zero characters have dual identities.

Zenless Zone Zero cast: All Chinese & Japanese voice actors

The following voice actors have been confirmed to be a part of Zenless Zone Zero:

ZZZ CharacterChineseJapaneseEnglish
AnbyYan NingTanezaki AtsumiTBA
AntonXiāo díKamio ShinichiroTBA
BenXianglong MengHamada KenjiTBA
BelleYīkǒu jǐngAbe AtshushiTBA
BillyChen RunqiuHayashi YūTBA
CorinMù fēi Igarashi HiromiTBA
EllenXiāoqīngyuánWakayama ShionTBA
GraceXiǎo gǎnShiraishi HarukaTBA
KoledaMù xuě tíngIguchi YukaTBA
LycaonYuhang WangKobayashi ChikahiroTBA
NekomataHuā língHara SayuriTBA
NicoleTingting ChenSerizawa YuTBA
RinaZhāngruòyúArai SatomiTBA
Soldier 11Chen Yuning Fujii YukiyoTBA
WiseLín jǐngSenbongi SayakaTBA

All language options in Zenless Zone Zero

Although Zenless Zone Zero devs have only revealed the Chinese and Japanese voice actors so far, the game will most likely also include English and Korean as language options during the launch. This is because two of the developer’s biggest titles, Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, offer players four language options and HoYoverse wouldn’t want to cut corners in any way with ZZZ.

We’ll update this space with the latest information on all Zenless Zone Zero voice actors across English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. So, make sure to bookmark and check back often.

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