What was yesterday’s Wordle answer? February 26 Wordle word

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One of the best strategies to get good at Worlde is to know the previous answers, as it can help solve the upcoming challenge. Here’s the answer to yesterday’s Wordle along with its definition and some other tricks to help you beat the game easily.

At its core, Wordle is a simple word-guessing game in which you have to guess a five-letter word in six attempts. As you get closer to the word, the tiles will change color, but even this may not be enough to guess the answer accurately.

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This is where knowing previous Wordle solutions can help you. Since the puzzle is known to not repeat any of the words, being aware of yesterday’s answer can save you a guess or two.

On that note, here’s the answer to yesterday’s Wordle.

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Wordle was released in October 2021.

Yesterday’s Wordle answer (February 26)

The February 26 Wordle 982 answer was OFTEN.

Meaning of yesterday’s Wordle word

The word ‘often’ refers to something that occurs frequently or regularly.

How to beat Wordle

If you are new to Wordle, here are a few tips that you can use to beat the puzzle:

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  1. Use starter words such as ARISE, PILOT, ADIEU, SAUTE, etc for your first guess as they will help you narrow down the solution.
  2. Learn the positions of most common letters such as S, L, A, E, etc. along with common pairings such as TH, BR, QU, FR, GH, CK, etc.
  3. Don’t repeat older Wordle answers since the puzzle rarely features previously used words again.
  4. Disable Hard Mode since reusing gray words might help you guess the word faster.
  5. Practice alternative Wordle-like puzzles such as QuordleWordle Forever, and Hello Wordl.

Well, that was all about yesterday’s Wordle word. You can also get clues for today’s Wordle here.

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