What is today’s Octordle? Hints & clues for February 28 Octordle answer

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Inspired by Wordle, Octordle is a word-guessing puzzle in which you have to guess eight words at the same time. If you need help to guess the word, here are the hints along with the answer for today’s Octordle.

Wordle and its derivatives such as Quordle and Nerdle can get easier with time especially if you have a strong vocabulary and arithmetic prowess. This is where Octordle by Britannica comes in.

In Octordle, you have to guess not one but eight five-letter words in fifteen attempts. This can get quite difficult as the puzzle might throw in a difficult word or two on some days.

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So if you are having trouble guessing the words of the day, here are a bunch of clues as well as today’s Octordle 765 answer.

Octordle logo.Britannica
Octordle is a much harder version of Wordle.

What is Octordle?

Octordle is a word-guessing puzzle that is similar to Wordle but you have to guess eight 5-letter words within fifteen guesses and it only offers clues for one word at a time.

How to play Octordle 

Here’s how you can play Octordle:

  1. Go to Octordle’s official website and click on ‘daily game.’
  2. This will start the daily challenge immediately.
  3. You can then start playing the puzzle by clicking on the on-screen letters.

How to beat Octordle daily

Here are some tricks you can use to beat Octordle:

  1. Use words such as ADIEU, PITHY, ARISE, MOUND, WUNG, PILOT, PROUD, SAUTE, etc. as they are the best words to start with in Octordle.
  2. Learning the positions of most common letters such as S, L, A, E, etc and common pairings such as TH, BR, QU, FR, GH, CK, etc. can help you narrow down a word faster.
  3. If you are new to the puzzle, we suggest switching to the ‘Sequence’ mode to solve one word at a time.

Hints and clues for today’s Octordle answer

Here are some hints and clues that can help you guess today’s Octordle:

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First word:

  • The word starts with the letter ‘R’ and ends with ‘Y.’
  • Covered in rust.

Second word:

  • ‘L’ is the starting letter, and it ends with ‘N.’
  • To acquire knowledge about something.

Third word:

  • Starts with the letter ‘S’ and ends with ‘T.’
  • Opposite of ‘tall.’

Fourth word:

  • Starts with the letter ‘R’ and ends with ‘O.’
  • The relation between two amounts in terms of quantity.

Fifth word:

  • Starts with the letter ‘W’ and ends with ‘T.’
  • To pull something violently from another person’s grasp.

Sixth word:

  • ‘M’ is the starting letter, and it ends with ‘T.’
  • It means to be in the middle or in the center of something.

Seventh word:

  • It starts with the letter ‘S’ and ends with ‘E.’
  • A county in England.

Eighth word:

  • Starts with the letter ‘S’ and ends with ‘G.’
  • Past tense of the word whose synonyms are ‘sway’ and ‘oscillate.’

Today’s Octordle answer (February 28)

Here are today’s, i.e. February 28, Octordle 765 answers: RUSTY, LEARN, SHORT, RATIO, WREST, MIDST, SHIRE, SWUNG.

Yesterday’s Octordle answer (February 27)

Yesterday’s Octordle answers were: HONEY, HEARD, ROBOT, PATCH, FETID, IMAGE, STAVE, WOMAN

All previous Octordle answer list

Here’s a list of all previous Octordle solutions so far starting January 1, 2024:

Octordle NumberDateAnswers
764February 27, 2024Honey, Heard, Robot, Patch, Fetid, Image, Stave, Woman
763February 26, 2024Aphid, Super, Spiel, Wafer, Fluff, Angel, Watch, Pique
762February 25, 2024Admin, Essay, Missy, Ratty, Usher, Evict, Stung, Gusty
761February 24, 2024Gamma, Viral, Minty, Share, Erect, Annex, Afoot, Brown
760February 23, 2024Safer, Midge, Tribe, Alone, Acrid, Undid, Cluck, Enemy
759February 22, 2024Alid, Inner, Apnea, Dizzy, Write, Guard, Refer, Quoth.
758February 21, 2024Ditty, Clang, Dread, Rugby, Spore, Racer, Navel, Algae
757February 20, 2024Batch, Utile, Unmet, Ditto, Deuce, Joust, Mound, Pause
756February 19, 2024Ruer, Broke, Dozen, Pesto, Score, Guile, Bulge, Deign
755February 18, 2024Mouse, Tibia, Tweed, Drier, Tight, Goody, Outgo, Mania
754February 17, 2024Abide, Cagey, Shape, Steed, Whelp, Woken, Biome, Flora
753February 16, 2024Pupal, Basic, Bunny, Pixie, Freak, Pixel, Wrote, Modal
752February 15, 2024Maybe, Entry, Artsy, Naive, Amber, Query, Eater, Ferry
751February 14, 2024Inane, Would, Mangy, Sword, Unfit, Spied, Trout, Plied
750February 13, 2024Thyme, Banjo, Testy, Maple, Stool, Sappy, Aloft, Wispy.
749February 12, 2024Aroma, Conch, Egret, Crave, Quiet, Snake, Renew, Gnash
748February 11, 2024Comfy, Loser, Truck, Skunk, Plane, Elude, Dreaft, Kneel
747February 10, 2024Pesky, Bowel, Eighth, Month, Nicer, Windy, Agile, Swill
746February 9, 2024Ovoid, Spark, Thorn, Shine, Briny, Sober, Aphid, Super
745February 8, 2024Drool, Visor, Bible, Broil, Badly, Lover, Vaunt, Gauze
744February 7, 2024North, Onset, Brace, Ladle, Daddy, Mince, Gamma, Viral

February 6, 2024Topaz, Borne, Mocha, Floss, Onion, Froth, Robin, Badge.
742February 5, 2024Bride, Motif, Grain, Timid, Steel, Sense, Shorn, Chaos
741February 4, 2024Prong, Leaky, Lathe, Pizza, Timer, Splat, Table, Scoop
740February 3, 2024Ninth, Frost, Zebra, Allot, Aufio, Above, Decoy, Villa
739February 2, 2024Queue, Since, Exalt, Shade, Chain, Crook, Tough, Aback
738February 1, 2024Arbor, Smirk, Voter, Erode, Cello, Donut, Plain, Tonic.
737January 31, 2024Digit, Flour, Nerve, Adobe, Court, Minor, Movie, Bayou
736January 30, 2024Jazzy, Peace, Ridge, Clear, Seedy, Stair, Pupal, Basic.
735January 29, 2024Evoke, Reach, Nobly, Proof, Knelt, Broth, Maybe, Entry
734January 28, 2024Joist, Sieve, Tenor, Arena, Flute, Dingo, Scent, Lsuty
733January 27, 2024Gravy, Coral, Musky, Skill, Ready, Tutor, Savy, Brisk
732January 26, 2024Smite, Tulip, Stump, Madly, Covet, Realm, Twixt, Plait
731January 25, 2024Dolly, Salon, Champ, Poser, Crest, Gross, Dance, Comma
730January 24, 2024Depth, Payee, Slyly, Ulcur, Boost, Greed, Pesky, Bowel
729January 23, 2024Facet, Debut, Druid, Troll, Sooty, Offer, Cater, Shirk.
728January 22, 2024Bible, Broil, Badly, Lover, Vaunt, Gauze, Vodka, Dodge.
727January 21, 2024Hydro, Speak, Harry, Delay, Rivet, Snuck, North, Onset
726January 20, 2024Idiom, Myrrh, Smelt, Quark, Three, Blast, Shawl, Torso
725January 19, 2024Fresh, Angst, Prank, Spicy, Impel, Aging, Bride, Motif.
724January 18, 2024Troop, Reign, Reset, Tasty, Brawn, Quirk, Polyp, Valet.
723January 17, 2024Modem, Frown, Point, Pilot, Hyena, White, Ninth, Frost
722January 16, 2024Phase, Catty, Wound, Array, Field, Being, Sloop, Admit
721January 15, 2024Rhyme, Elite, Allay, Snipe, Smith,  Hater, Arbor, Smirk
720January 14, 2024Hound, Aloof, Vapid, Serve, Plaid, Gamut, Grimy, Cheer
719January 13, 2024Leach, Wring, Stole, Occur, Arise, Flair, Droop, Clink
718January 12, 2024Piano, Mirth, Cream, Lunge, Motto, Caddy, Medic, Lyric
717January 11, 2024Papal, Forgo, Retry, Swath, Condo, Exult, Betel, Lefty
716January 10, 2024Tapir, Swine, Macro, Rayon, Rupee, Vogue, Cabby, Sauce
715January 9, 2024Madam, Covet, Realm, Payee, Plain, Biome, Manly, Tribe
714January 8, 2024Brute, Speck, Nosey, Kayak, Gavel, Dolly, Jetty, Champ
713January 7, 2024Sharp, Tamer, Reedy, Prime,  Unmet, Gumbo, Decor, Wince
712January 6, 2024Mushy, Flour, Refit, Usher, Stave, Piney, Enemy, Trade
711January 5, 2024Fritz, Covey, Fuzzy, Flash, Catch, Paste, Perch, Clone
710January 4, 2024Favor, Thick, Guava, Ethos, Hence, Curly, Tasty, Edict
709January 3, 2024Bound, Unify, Event, Graph, Geeky, South, Sandy, Sleet
708January 2, 2024Blind, Groin, Toddy, Apple, Ester, Silly, Poppy, Quiet
707January 1, 2024Crump, Spite, Fruit, Await, Shawl, Snare, Valid, Suing

That was all about today’s Octordle answers. We will be updating this article daily with the latest solutions and hints, so make sure to bookmark it and come back often.

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