What is today’s Quordle? Hints & clues for February 28 Quordle answer

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Merriam-Webster’s Quordle is a daily word-guessing puzzle game like Wordle but with a twist, as it requires you to guess four five-letter words at the same time. In case you are finding it difficult to solve the puzzle, here are the clues along with today’s Quordle answers.

If you are looking for a word-guessing puzzle game that is more difficult than Wordle but easier than Octordle, then Quordle by Merriam-Webster might be for you.

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In Quordle, as the name suggests, you have to guess four five-letter words in just nine attempts. Although this is three more than what Wordle gives, sometimes the game might throw in a hard-to-guess word or two.

So if you want to save your streak, here are some strategies you can employ to beat the game along with clues and answers to today’s Quordle.

Quordle banner.Merriam Webster
Quordle gives you nine guesses to solve all four words.

What is Quordle?

Quordle is a word-guessing puzzle that is more difficult than Wordle as it requires you to guess four five-letter words at the same time. Unlike Wordle, which gives you six attempts, Quordle gives you nine attempts to guess the correct word.

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How to play Quordle

You can follow these steps to play Quordle:

  1. Head to Quordle’s official website.
  2. You’ll be presented with the daily challenge.
  3. Start playing by clicking on the letters.

How to beat Quordle daily

Here are some of the best strategies for Quordle:

  1. Use starter words such as ARISE, PILOT, ADIEU, SAUTE, etc. as they have a balanced mix of vowels and consonants.
  2. Learn the positions of the most commonly used letters such as S, L, A, E, etc.
  3. Switch to ‘Dailly Sequence’ mode to solve one word at a time, especially if you are new to the game.
  4. Be aware of which quadrant(s) the letter belongs to, as the same letters are usually used in multiple quadrants at the same time.

Hints and clues for today’s Quordle answer

Here are some hints and clues for the February 28 Quordle answer:

First word:

  • Starts with the letter ‘P’ and ends with ‘P.’
  • Something that is soft and round.

Second word:

  • Starts with the letter ‘F’ and ends with ‘L.’
  • A narrow piece of cloth with folds that is seen at the edge of another cloth for decoration.

Third word:

  • Starts with the letter ‘S’ and ends with ‘H.’
  • An animal who moves very slowly.

Fourth word:

  • The word starts with ‘F’ and ends with ‘S.’
  • Refers to the family of tropical trees such as Banyan and Rubber.

Today’s Quordle answer (February 28)

The answers for today’s, i.e. February 28, Quordle are PLUMP, FRILL, SLOTH, FICUS.

Yesterday’s Quordle answer (February 27)

February 27 Quordle 764 answers were RASPY, BUDDY, DONUT, DROOL.

All previous Quordle answer list

Here’s a list of all previous Quordle solutions so far starting December 1, 2023:

Quordle NumberDateQuordle answers
764February 27, 2024Raspy, Buddy, Donut, Drool
763February 26, 2024Mossy, Movie, Scope, Genre
762February 25, 2024Range, Thigh, Trunk, Manly
761February 24, 2024Scale, Blast, Flung, Fuzzy
760February 23, 2024Shack, Borne, Minor, Store
759February 22, 2024Brick, Meter, Gnome, Ashen
758February 21, 2024Radar, Foamy, Elate, Steak.
757February 20, 2024Begun, Debar, Clink, Kayak
756February 19, 2024Filmy, Nadir, Belly, Fully
755February 18, 2024Today, Ombre, Wedge, Mecca
754February 17, 2024Koala, Groan, Aging, Drift
753February 16, 2024Snaky, Weedy, Haute, Talon.
752February 15, 2024Spill, Vigil, Blind, Raise
751February 14, 2024Watch, Salve, Flown, Graph
750February 13, 2024Ratty, Vapid, Frail, Drape
749February 12, 2024Trait, Flash, Plaza, Stork
748February 11, 2024Gravy, Couch, Guard, Slate
747February 10, 2024Spurn, Mpcha, Laugh, Omega
746February 9, 2024Track, Price, Lupus, Wring
745February 8, 2024Nurse, Mecca, Haute, Truck.
744February 7, 2024Wrack, Kappa, Sooty, Valve
743February 6, 2024Virus, Watch, Known, Flume
742February 5, 2024Mossy, Reign, Ghost, Timer
741February 4, 2024Plait, Forty, Wiser, Liver
740February 3, 2024Camer, Flour, Thorn, Water
739February 2, 2024Veno,. Strap, Siren, Enact
738February 1, 2024Cargo, Hovel, Swash, Check
737January 31, 2024Floor, Smoke, Terra, Chide.
736January 30, 2024Banal, Forth, Booze, Unset
735January 29, 2024Easel, Stain, Dodge, Thong
734January 28, 2024Showy, Lager, Chant, Fauna
733January 27, 2024Worse, Fauna, Spout, Freak
732January 26, 2024Onion, Shone, Knoll, Parry.
731January 25, 2024Sigma, Shalt, Spree, Eagle
730January 24, 2024Youth, Pence Craze Lunar
729January 23, 2024Bezel, Mealy, Slung, Freer
728January 22, 2024Apple, Train, Abbey, Smell
727January 21, 2024Perch, Fiend, Threw, Medal
726January 20, 2024Scoop, Relax, Layer, Teeth
725January 19, 2024Smelt, Venom, Small, Cheek
724January 18, 2024Bawdy, Scout, Cocoa, Speck.
723January 17, 2024Tonal, Raven, Curve, Decal
722January 16, 2024Stung, Theta, Papal, Vaunt
721January 15, 2024Quail, Navel, Freer, Splat
720January 14, 2024Wince, Women, Smoky, Badly
719January 13, 2024Shrub, Ascot, Comma, Shawl
718January 12, 2024Vowel, Exile, Fudge, Smart
717January 11, 2024Count, Halve, Rarer, Dally
716January 10, 2024Fleck, Cream, Gummy, Upper
715January 9, 2024Ghoul, Think, Blare, Topic
714January 8, 2024Goody, Mural, Lorry, Error
713January 7, 2024Carat, Twang, Flame, Theta
712January 6, 2024Hefty, Gazer, Swoon, Drama
711January 5, 2024Racer, Choir, Flame, Adapt
710January 4, 2024Major, Chose, Ideal, Jelly
709January 3, 2024Mound, Stuck, Hoard, Angry
708January 2, 2024Manor, Torch, Fauna, Avail
707January 1, 2024Maize, Idiom, Brain, Exert
706December 31, 2023Toxic, Solve, Album, Graze
705December 30, 2023Acute, Sally, Groan, Growl
704December 29, 2023Agony, Flaky, Phone, Afoul
703December 28, 2023Clerk, Birth, Finer, Scaly
702December 27, 2023Alive, Abhor, Brace, Corer
701December 26, 2023Tarot, Wring, Ombre, Chute
700December 25, 2023Ranch, Haute, Leash, Wiser
699December 24, 2023Furry, Skate, Share, Weedy
698December 23, 2023Exult, Wheat, Scene, Cress
697December 22, 2023Fruit, Sweet, Meaty, Ember
696December 21, 2023Tense, Scalp, Quasi, Prawn
695December 20, 2023Humph, Sower, Wagon, Edict
694December 19, 2023China, Trunk, Suave, Deter
693December 18, 2023Flunk, Train, Skate, Sprig
692December 17, 2023Solar, Genie, Ennui, Place
691December 16, 2023Exult, Posse, Frank, Spiky
690December 15, 2023Felon, Ghost, Sassy, Clear
689December 14, 2023Fewer, Rerun, Speak, Creep
688December 13, 2023Melee, Golly, Heist, Place
687December 12, 2023Scrap, Ethos, Condo, Snort
686December 11, 2023Basal, Baron, Haste, Mania
685December 10, 2023Godly, Thump, Plank, Civic
684December 9, 2023Poker, Whack, Hobby, Bagel
683December 8, 2023Theft, Saint, Mushy, Talon
682December 7, 2023Snaky, Spoon, Suite, Spelt
681December 6, 2023Scoff, Tonic, Waver, Fizzy
680December 5, 2023Prank, Shush, Cutie, Shell
679December 4, 2023Stomp, Kneed, Nanny, Buddy
678December 3, 2023Stick, Twice, Whoop, Waive
677December 2, 2023Depot, Modal, Panic, Gruff
676December 1, 2023North, Puppy, Think, Pluck

That was all about February 28 Quordle 765 answers. We will be updating this article daily with the latest solutions and hints, so make sure to bookmark it and come back often.

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