When will Battlefield 2021 be revealed? EA confirms date

Nicholas Barth
Battlefield 2021 Reveal

The official Battlefield Twitter account recently gave the official date for when the community can expect the highly-anticipated Battlefield 2021 reveal to take place.

Following the official confirmation of a new Battlefield game coming in 2021, the popular first-person shooter franchise’s community has been searching for anything it can find regarding when they will see the official reveal of the newest game in the series.

Battlefield 2021 was originally believed to be revealed in Spring 2021. EA and Dice said that the reveal would be “soon” in April, which led many to believe it would happen in May. Also, the music artist 2WEI, whose music appeared to have been featured in the leaked audio of the Battlefield 2021 reveal trailer, recently posted a teaser that led many to believe they would see the Battlefield 2021 reveal trailer in May.

Battlefield 2021 Reveal

However, the official Battlefield Twitter account squashed the rumors of the May reveal, and have now confirmed the official reveal date.

Battlefield 2021 reveal date

Battlefield’s Twitter account announced on June 1 that Battlefield 2021 would officially be revealed on June 9 at 7 AM ET / 10 AM ET / 3 PM UK / 4 PM CEST.


This teaser follows the Battlefield’s tease on May 10 that the game would be revealed in June. Battlefield’s Twitter account tweeted out:

“Words that rhyme with Soon:


This tweet teased that the reveal for the new game will be taking place sometime in June, which was met with plenty of disappointment by the community, as players were hoping that they would get the first look at the newest entry in the franchise sometime in May.

However, it’s now been confirmed that Battlefield 2021 will be officially revealed on Wednesday, June 9.

These teases from EA follow various leaks that have surfaced from the highly-anticipated game over the past few weeks, including the first looks at combat robot dogs, juggernaut soldiers, and images from the game’s trailer.

Almost the whole reveal trailer was reportedly leaked, but other sources have now said that the trailer has totally changed and the leaked version will not be shown in June.

There is no doubt that plenty of players are extremely excited for the Battlefield 2021 reveal to take place, and now we know that June is the month that players burning questions will finally be answered.

Image Credits: EA / DICE

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