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First Battlefield 6 images reportedly leaked

First look at the 2021 Battlefield game reportedly leaked, showcasing what fans can expect from the title.



The first few images of Battlefield 2021 game appears to have leaked on Reddit, giving fans a first look at what to expect from the new Battlefield title.

The leak, which has been sitting on Reddit for over two weeks now before getting noticed, showcases two images from the 2021 Battlefield game.

These images line up with what Tom Henderson, a leaker in the Battlefield community, drew in sketches of the Battlefield 2021 reveal trailer.

The leaked images where in low quality, as many fans expected, but users took it on their own accord using upscale software to up the image quality.

These are two images that have leaked:

The first image shows resemblance to Wake Island map from previous Battlefield games. The second one showcases what appears to be a rocket launch facility in Japan. This image also gives us a first look at the fighter jet UI for the game.

Tom Henderson claims this could be from an early version of the trailer, not a recent image.

Henderson has been sharing sketches of the trailer that he viewed himself, but has declined to share any images himself over legal issues.

The official reveal for Battlefield 2021 is expected this month, with EA hinting at the major reveal coming “soon.”

EA recently revealed that the Battlefield 2021 game will feature “everything we love about Battlefield” at “epic scale” with “crazy, unexpected moments” and “massive battles, packed with more players and mayhem than ever before.”

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