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Battlefield 2021 leaker claims upcoming trailer has been totally changed

After reports of the original Battlefield 6 trailer leaking online, it seems like EA and DICE have opted to go with a new trailer.



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The debut trailer for the anticipated Battlefield 6 reveal seems to be changing according to well-known Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson.

First-person shooter enthusiasts around the world are pretty much desperate at this point for EA and DICE to make the first footage, or teaser, of Battlefield 6 public. Between Combat Robot Dogs and Juggernaut Soldiers being allegedly revealed, fans want to start getting properly excited for something official.

There were already hints of the emergence of a debut trailer that was expected to drop imminently, but now it appears that we may have to wait a little longer for Battlefield’s debut trailer.

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Needless to say that a large portion of the gossip and details about EA’s new Battlefield game have come from one main source – Tom Henderson.

Tom has not only seen the trailer, but he has been doing drawings of upcoming features for the game, and even going as far as to hint that we will see the cut Crash Landing feature from Battlefield 5.

The game’s official reveal trailer has reportedly leaked to the internet, and this is now reportedly changing EA and DICE’s plan for the game’s unveiling.

More than likely this is a reactionary measure as a result of the trailer leak. But it begs the question as to why EA couldn’t just release the leaked trailer and still make a new one.

Tom Henderson was quick to shut down rumors that the trailer was only supposed to be for the eyes of investors and no one else.

As usual with Battlefield, speculation is expected to run wild, especially as the reveal of Battlefield is expected to drop anytime soon now.

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Image Credit: EA / DICE