What happens after an earthquake in Stardew Valley?

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Earthquake message in Stardew Valley

During your first in-game year in Stardew Valley, an earthquake will hit your base without a disclaimer. Here’s what an earthquake means in Stardew Valley and all the new content that unlocks after this event.

During your first year in the popular farming simulator Stardew Valley, you might notice a random message claiming an earthquake happened. However, there seem to be no obvious changes in your base’s resources, crops, animals, and villagers, leading to confusion as to what this earthquake means in the game.

On that note, here’s what the earthquake means in Stardew Valley and a rundown of all the new areas that are unlocked after it.

Coming across Kent in Stardew Valley near his house

What does an earthquake mean in Stardew Valley?

An earthquake in Stardew Valley is a fixed event that occurs on the 3rd day of Summer Year 1. It is one of the many farm events in the game and as you wake up, you should get the ‘There was an earthquake during the night’ message.

Unlike other farm events though, the earthquake has a guaranteed in-game date and doesn’t affect anything on your base such as animals, buildings, trees, and crops.

What happens after an earthquake in Stardew Valley?

After an earthquake in Stardew Valley, you can unlock the Railroad region previously blocked by a huge rock. You can then head to the Mountain and go behind the Carpenter’s shop to unveil the newly cleared path that leads to exciting new areas.

New areas unlocked after an earthquake in Stardew Valley

You’ll be able to access these areas after the earthquake happens in Stardew Valley:

Train platform

Train track in Stardew Valley
The train in Stardew Valley arrives between 9 AM and 6 PM.

The train platform in Stardew Valley is located north of the train tracks. This is where you get the A train is passing through notification and a train whistle sound which signifies a train passing, and you can stand near the open compartments to get amazing loot.

The Spa

Bath in Stardew Valley.
The Bath in Stardew Valley is a great place to instantly rejuvenate health.

The Spa is an area where you can relax and heal yourself. This eliminates the need to bring food items to your trip and you can continue all your activities after taking quick breaks in this location.

The Summit

Entry to the summit in Stardew Valley
The Summit is an end-game region in Stardew Valley.

The opening to The Summit is unlocked after an earthquake in Stardew Valley, but you cannot enter the region without the Perfection achievement.

The Witch’s Swamp

Witch's swamp in Stardew Valley
Complete the Dark Talisman quest to unlock the Witch’s Swamp.

The cave located northeast of the rail track will take you to the Witch’s Swamp, but make sure to complete the Wizard’s quests before that.

Items found in the Railroad region

Here’s a rundown of all the items you can get after the earthquake unlocks the Railroad region in Stardew Valley:

Forgeable items

Based on the season, you can get these forgeable items and collectibles in the Railroad region:

  • Spring – Daffodil, Dandelion, and Leeks
  • Fall – Hazelnut, Blackberry, and Wild Plum
  • Winter – Crocus and Crystal Fruit
  • Summer – Sweet Pea, Grape, and Spice Berry


  • The Prehistoric Tibia artifact, clay, lost books, stone, and copper are found all year in the region and you can look for them in the Artifact Spots spread throughout.
  • Winter Root and Snow Yams also appear in artifact spots during winter.
  • Rice Shoots appear in the spots during Spring.
  • After finding all the lost books, you can get different types of seeds.
  • With a magnifying glass, you can also find an unseen note in the spots.

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