What are Realm Cards in Nightingale? How to use & all types

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Realm Cards Nightingale

Nightingale is about to release its Early Access, and players are excited to know everything about Realm Cards and how to use them. So here’s all the information about Nightingale’s Realm Cards, including what they are used for, how to craft them, and more.

Realm Cards are a key factor in Nightingale, and knowing how to use them, how to craft them, and more importantly, how they affect your gameplay is a must to survive the Fae Realms. If you want to be a Realmwaker, then you must know how to wield the power of Realm Cards with expertise.

But worry not, because we have put up all the information you need to know about Realm Cards, how to get them, how many kinds are there, and more importantly, what they do.

So here’s everything you need to know about Realm Cards in Nightingale, including types, how to craft, how to use them, and more.

What are Realm Cards in Nightingale?

Realm Cards in Nightingale
Realm Cards affect the world you will travel to once you open a Portal.

In Nightingale, Realm Cards are items you can craft and will serve as the “keys” for special devices to open a portal to a Realm. Portals will then lead to Realms procedurally generated with certain traits determined by the Cards the player slots in the device.

Realm Cards come in three different categories:

  • Biome Realm Cards
  • Major Realm Cards
  • Minor Realm Cards

According to gameplay showcased by Inflexion Games, at least one Realm Card (Biome) is needed to activate the portal and cross to a Realm. The other two types of cards change whatever creatures we find lurking in the Realms and also alter climate, encounters, loot, and more.

Up to five Realm Cards can be placed in the Portal Device, including one Biome Card, two Major Cards, and two Minor Cards.

How to craft Realm Cards in Nightingale

To craft Realm Cards in Nightingale, players need to access the Realm Card bench and select from a list of available recipes. Each Realm Card will cost certain materials, and players can only craft Realm Cards while inside the Respite Realm, the home world/base Realm where the player has its base.

Crafting a card will require 1x Paper (which can be crafted in the Paper Press), 1x Ink (which can be crafted using an Ink-Making Set), and an Essence. This last material can be either found or crafted using Essence Dust (which is granted upon salvaging Realm Cards).

Realm Cards crafting
You can craft Realm Cards with basic resources, but you’ll need to venture to other Realms to find more.

Further details about Essence and Essence Dust are not yet revealed, but we will update this guide when this information is released.

It is worth mentioning that players can change their Respite Realm (AKA base location) at any given time, but can only have one Respite Realm active at a time. Various players can share a Respite Realm and build bases together, building Settlements.

How to use Realm Cards in Nightingale

To use Realm Cards in Nightingale, players need to approach the Arcane Portal Device located in their Respite Realms. Players can then interact with this station and select which Realm Cards they want to use to open an Expedition to another Realm.

Realm Cards types Nightingale
You can use up to five Realm Cards to determine the conditions of the world you’ll visit.

Each Realm has at least one Portal location, but all Realms are procedurally generated, so finding them will depend on luck and the player’s ability to explore.

And that’s all you need to know about Realm Cards in Nightingale. For more information on this survival game, you can also check out these guides:

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