What are Realms in Nightingale? Types & biomes explained

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Realms Nightingale

Realms are a key element in Nightingale, and here’s all you need to know about them, including types, biomes, and how Realm Cards affect them.

Nightingale is the latest survival title from Inflexion Games and is a great combo of exploration and combat, ideal for players who love to travel across huge maps filled with natural wonders.

For the survivalist player, the Realms are one of the most notorious elements this game has to offer, and traveling across them can be quite tricky.

So here’s everything you need to know about Realms in Nightingale, including types, biomes, and how to travel between them.

What are Realms in Nightingale?

Swamp Realm Nightingale
The Swamp Realm is filled to the brim with life, but beware, its a hostile environment.

Realms are procedurally generated scenarios with an open-world structure that allow players to explore, gather resources, and accomplish story objectives.

Realms are divided into biomes, and each of them is designated by your main Realm Card or Biome Card. Once you’ve set your mind on what kind of biome you want to explore, you need to approach a Realm Card Device located next to a Portal and select the biome you want to travel to.

What are Biomes in Nightingale?

Desert Realm Nightingale
The Desert Realm will test your survivability and your combat skills.

Biomes are the types of Realms you will encounter once you cross a Portal in Nightingale. Available biomes include Desert, Forest, and Swamp, and each of them offers an entirely new environment for players.

Desert biomes are difficult to traverse since you are always affected by the Heat debuff. Scarce in food, wood, and plant resources, desert biomes are filled with mineral veins, so if you are looking to mine some metal veins, those are your best options.

Forest biomes are lush and filled with animal and plant life, but scarce in minerals. They are packed with aggressive creatures, and rain, followed by hailstorms, are the main climate hazards you’ll find there. Forests are distinctive for having the best spots to build a base in the game.

Swamp biomes are dangerous and filled with bloodthirsty predators, but they have a significant amount of plant resources and certain special minerals and plants you can use to craft healing items. This biome’s main danger is nighttime raids by local tribes, who tend to roam the maps in search of prey.

How to travel across Realms in Nightingale

Realm Cards Nightingale
To travel across Realms, you will need Biome Realm Cards.

To travel across Realms in Nightingale, players need to approach a Realm Card machine and select their Main Biome Card, this will determine their landing biome. Then, they need to hit the ‘Open Portal’ button of the context menu to open the gateway to the Realm.

It is also worth mentioning that every time they will land in a random place in a procedurally generated Realm, so looking for a Portal might be a priority in case they land in an overly dangerous Realm or one subjected to unfavorable conditions.

Players can tweak those conditions to a certain point by using Major and Minor Realm cards. A maximum of five cards, including the Main Biome Realm Card, can be used at the same time.

And that’s all you need to know about Realms in Nightingale. For more information on this game, you can also check the following guides:

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