How to get Astrolabe Realm Card in Nightingale: Location & boss fight

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Realm Cards in Nightingale are essential for exploring the entirety the game has to offer, and players are struggling to get the Astrolabe Card. Here is how to get the Astrolabe Realm Card in Nightingale. 

Being a Realmwalker in Nightingale means that you have to know the basics of each Realm Card and how to get them. They are basically what you use to access new areas in the game, where you can also find new resources, points of interest, and enemies. 

Each Realm has a different Card attached to it, and each Card has a different way that you need to follow to get it. This is how you can get the Astrolabe Realm Card in Nightingale. 

How to get the Astrolabe Realm Card in Nightingale

The Astrolabe Realm Card in Nightingale can be found in the Large Greek Sphere that looks like the Oracle of Delphi in the Abeyance Realm.

Step by step, here is where you can find the Astrolabe Realm Card: 

  1. Upgrade your items to T1 before you start. 
  2. Make sure you have a Gear Score of 20.
  3. Find the Astrolabe Site of Power.
  4. Enter the dungeon
  5. Go downstairs to beat the Fabled Automoton Bishop
  6. Get the Astrolabe Realm Card.
A map of Nightingale
The Astrolabe Site of Power should appear on your map.

Since the map is procedurally generated, there isn’t a specific spot where the Large Greek Sphere will appear. However, it should be pretty easy to spot and is usually found in the Forest or Desert. It should also appear on your map as a Site of Power.

Once you have located it, find the entrance and head inside. Be sure that you at least have a Gearscore of 20 before you do. There are a lot of enemies to face here too, so make sure to bring lots of healing and essence to prepare for the fight ahead.

Go downstairs to progress through the dungeon and find the Fabled Automoton Bishop. This is the main boss of the dungeon, and once you have defeated it, you will get the Astrolabe Realm Card blueprint as a reward. 

The Fabled Automoton Bishop can be a tough fight, so make sure you have an NPC or some friends with you when you take it on. Watch out for the traps it lays out, and make sure you hit it in its core for massive damage.

You can also get the blueprint from traders like the Ascended Forest Antiquarian Essence Trader, Ascended Desert Antiquarian Essence Trader, and Ascended Swamp Antiquarian Essence Trader.

That’s everything to know about where to find the Astrolabe Realm Card. If you want to know more about Nightingale, you can check out our guides below.

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