V Rising: Level progression explained

Lucas Simons
V Rising Dracula's Castle

V Rising is preparing for its full launch, and while players are excited to sow terror across Vardoran, they should know that this game has a particular level progression system. So, here’s all you should know about Gear Levels in V Rising.

In V Rising, players need to raise their Gear Level in order to defeat powerful beings and drink their blood. But the game‘s leveling system can be tricky to understand at first.

So here’s everything you should know about level progression in V Rising, including how to level up, what is Gear Level, and how it affects your abilities.


How to level up in V Rising

To level up in V Rising players need to raise their Gear Level. To do this, they need to craft different Tiers of Armor, Accessories, and Weapons to scale up their Gear Level. The game has 8 Tiers of equipment, which are divided in the following way:

  • Tier 1: Bone weapons + Boneguard set + Bone Ring
  • Tier 2: Reinforced Bone weapons + Plated Boneguard set + Blood Rose Ring
  • Tier 3: Copper weapons + Nightstalker set + Gravedigger Ring
  • Tier 4: Merciless Copper weapons + Merciless Nightstalker set + (Warlock, Dawnrunner, Duskwatcher, and Spellweaver Rings)
  • Tier 5: Iron weapons + Hollowfang set + Scourgestone Pendant
  • Tier 6: Merciless Iron weapons + Merciless Hollowfang set + (Warlock, Dawnrunner, Duskwatcher, Spellweaver, Knight, and Sorcerer Pendants)
  • Tier 7: Dark Silver weapons + Dawnthorn set + Blood Merlot Amulet
  • Tier 8: Sanguine weapons + Bloodmoon set + (Arch-Warlock, Wicked Prophet, Crimson Commander, Unyielding Charger, Blademaster, Master Spellweaver, and Blood Key Amulets)

Additionally, Legendary Tier 7 and 8 Weapons add an extra Gear Level. However, players must be aware that these weapons stats are totally randomized.

What’s the maximum Gear Level in V Rising

The current maximum Gear Level in V Rising is 84, with all empowered ‘Bloodmoon’ armor, the highest grade accessories, and Legendary Tier 8 Weapons. It is also possible to reach Gear Level 85 by drinking 100% pure Brute-type blood, since one of its boons raises Gear Level by 1.

V Rising Highest Tier Equipment
With the powerful Legendary Tier 8 weapons, your Gear Level will increase even more.

Gear Level changes damage dealt to NPCs and Bosses, and also modifies the damage your vampire takes from NPC enemies. Gear Level also modifies the damage you cause to other players and the damage you take in return.

How does Gear Level affect abilities & spells in V Rising

In V Rising, the Gear Level determines the damage you make with abilities and spells. It is important to add that spells scale further with magic power, while weapon skills do it with weapon damage.

The spells you have equipped do not affect your Gear Level, but your Level affects the damage output of spells. So, even if you manage to rush some higher-level bosses, your damage output with spells will not change unless you equip better armor, weapons, and accessories.

And that’s what you need to know about level progression in V Rising. If you are thirsty for more upcoming launches, you can check the following links:

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