The Sims 4: How to complete Not So Berry Legacy Challenge

Stephanie Zucarelli
Not So Berry Challenge in The Sims 4

The Not So Berry challenge of the Sims 4 isn’t for every simmer, and it will surely put your Sims knowledge to the test across ten generations. If you’re interested in trying your skills, here’s how to complete the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 gives players free rein to manage their sim families as they wish, which is why so many fans look for a trying challenge to explore everything the game has to offer. The Not So Berry Legacy challenge is perfect for this since you’ll need to prove all your knowledge as a simmer to complete it without fail.

The Not So Berry challenge was originally created by Sims YouTuber lilsimsie and will require you to have the Get to Work, Get Together, and City Living expansion packs, the Parenthood, Spa Day, and Outdoor Retreat game packs, and the Movie Hangout stuff pack.

If you’re wondering what you need to do to start the Not So Berry Challenge, this is everything you have to do in The Sims 4.

How to play the Not So Berry Challenge

To play the Not So Berry Challenge, you’ll simply need to open your game and create your “Founder” sim, the one that’ll start your Not So Berry dynasty.

You can also play according to lilsimsie’s rules, the famous Sims YouTuber who invented this challenge and made it viral. Here are all the Not So Berry Challenge original rules:

  • Every generation is supposed to complete both the career and aspiration of the heir unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • Each sim’s lifespan should be normal.
  • Each heir must represent the color of the generation, but brightly colored skin isn’t necessary.
  • The colors of the spouses don’t matter.
  • You can use Money cheats but not excessively, and you can even use freerealstate cheat for your Founder’s home.
  • You can live in any available neighborhood.

Not So Berry Generation One: Mint

Your “Founder” in the Not So Berry Legacy challenge will be the sim inspired by the color mint, so when creating them in Create a Sim (CAS), make sure to choose mint clothing, hair, makeup, or tattoos. You have to also use the Vegetarian, Jealous, and Materialistic Traits for your sim personality.

The Sims 4 Mint Generation
You can use any CAS item, as long as it is mint-colored in The Sims 4.

Your Mint sim should be an eccentric scientist who loves practical jokes. While they are highly ambitious in their career, they also love going out with their close-knit circle of friends, eating vegetarian meals, and decorating their homes with mint-colored luxury art.

Here’s what you need to complete the Mint generation challenge:

  • Master the Scientist career.
  • Master the Mischief and Logic skills.
  • Complete the Chief of Mischief aspiration.
  • Complete elements collection.

Not So Berry Generation Two: Rose

Your second-generation Sim has to grow up like a spoiled child but is also highly ambitious and career-driven. You should tune your Rose sim with the red color and use the Hot Headed, Snob, and Romantic Traits.

Not So Berry challente, Red gen
Rose Sims have a tumultuous love life, but they’ll find their perfect partner in their golden years.

The Rose Sim has to have multiple romantic relationships, even though they get to know their soulmate early in their life. However, they’ll only get to marry them during their golden years, after having a disastrous wedding ceremony where they leave their fiance at the altar.

Here’s what you need to complete the Rose generation challenge:

  • Master the Politician career.
  • Master Charisma skill.
  • Complete Serial Romantic aspiration.
  • Leave someone at the altar.
  • Have only one child.
  • Get married as an elder.

Generation Three: Yellow

The Yellow Sim doesn’t get to have a close relationship with their parents, especially because the Rose Generation is so focused on mastering their careers. And of course, your Yellow sim should only use Yellow CAS options, besides having the Clumsy, Ambitious, and Loner Traits.

Not So Berry Challenge Yellow Sim
Yellow Sims are the only Loners of the Not So Berry challenge.

This particular Sim is obsessed with space and will dream of going to Sixam when they grow up. They don’t have any close friends or relationships, but their grandparents from the Mint generation are a huge influence on them.

Here’s what you need to complete the Yellow generation challenge:

  • Master Rocket science and Handiness skills.
  • Master Astronaut Career.
  • Complete Nerd Brain aspiration.
  • Build a rocket ship and visit Sixam.
  • Enter the secret lot in Oasis Springs.
  • Never have any close friends or relationships other than grandparents from Generation 1.

Generation Four: Gray

Your Gray Sim from the Not So Berry challenge has never felt that fitted with his family since they are always locked in their lab. The fourth generation is the complete opposite and loves going outside to play basketball or any sport available. This time, you should use the Active, Slob, and Music Lover Traits for your Gray Sim.

Not So Berry Challenge in The Sims 4
Gray Sims wants a huge and close-knit family for its generation challenge.

While Gray Sims doesn’t have a good relationship with their parents, they wish to make that up by having as many children as possible.

Here’s what you need to complete the Gray generation challenge:

  • Master Singing, Parenting, and Athletic skills.
  • Master Athlete career and complete Bodybuilder aspiration.
  • Have three failed relationships before finding a spouse, and marry a Neat Sim.
  • Be good friends with all of your children.
  • Have family movie night with your spouse and children every Sunday.

Generation Five: Plum

Plum Sims are great at anything they try, and they carry their overachiever attitude to everything they do. You’ll need to use the Genius, Noncommittal, and Dance Machine Traits for this Generation.

Your oddball Plum Sim will only follow their Dancer dreams after becoming an Adult.

The fifth generation must definitely be an indecisive oddball, trying everything at once and mastering most of them. While they work hard to become a Doctor most of their life, they realize as an Adult that they truly wish to become a Professional Dancer, so they must quit their job to join the Entertainer Career.

Here’s what you need to complete the Plum generation challenge:

  • Master Dance and two other skills of your choosing, and achieve at least level eight in six skills.
  • Complete Renaissance Sim aspiration.
  • Get divorced and then later remarried to the same Sim.
  • Must live in at least three different worlds throughout their life.

Generation Six: Orange

If you manage to get to the sixth generation, you should be prepared for the messiest generation you’ll have so far. Orange sims are the black sheep of their family, and you’ll need to use the Evil, Self-Assured, and Glutton Traits for them.

Not So Berry Challenge Orange Sim
Orange Sims can’t help to always claim to be an Evil mastermind.

Your Orange generation loves ensuing chaos, as well as baking multiple sweets. This is why this is the type of sim that won’t doubt breaking into their neighbors’ homes to eat all their food.

Here’s what you need to complete the Orange generation challenge:

  • Master Baking and Charisma skills.
  • Master Criminal career and complete Public Enemy aspiration.
  • Must live in a ‘needs TLC’ apartment for entire young adult life.
  • Have twins, but only those two children (you may cheat for this).

Generation Seven: Pink

With only three generations to complete the Not So Berry, your Pink Sims will have to face a hard childhood where their parents live paycheck to paycheck. The seventh generation of the Not So Berry Challenge should use the Neat, Unflirty, and Creative Traits.

Pink Sim of the Not So Berry Challenge in The Sims 4
You can also use mods to customize your Not So Berry challenge sims.

Your Pink Sim dream will be to write romance novels and become famous, but they are too afraid of quitting their 9 to 5 job to do so at the beginning. When they reach the Adult stage of their Sim life, it’s when they’ll finally get to pursue their dreams and let them have free rein of their romantic dreams.

Here’s what you need to complete the Pink generation challenge:

  • Complete postcard collection.
  • Master Writing and Wellness skills.
  • Complete Best Selling Author aspiration.
  • Have a well-maintained garden.

Generation Eight: Peach

The Peach generation is as wholesome as you’ll get in the challenge since the Pink gen Sims insist their children always follow their dreams. Your Peach sim must use the Foodie, Lazy, and Goofball Traits.

Peach Sim in the Not So Berry Challenge
Peach Sims will have to work hard to develop both their Gourmet cooking and Comedy skill.

Peach Sims will lead a double life, where they work as a Detective during the day and try their luck as Comedians by night.

Here’s what you need to complete the Peach generation challenge:

  • Marry a co-worker.
  • Must play an instrument.
  • Master Gourmet cooking and Comedy skills.
  • Master Detective career.
  • Must live in a different world than the one they were raised.

Generation Nine: Green

Your Green sim will be the embodiment of a tech-savvy and will be a full Whiz Kid who gets a job at a tech company after trying to hack their database. You’ll need to use the Squeamish, Geek, and Cheerful Traits for this generation.

Green Sim in the Not So Berry Challenge
Your Green Sim should start working on their Computer skills since kids.

The ninth generation must be super functional party animals who will go out until late but never skip a day of work.

Here’s what you need to complete the Green generation challenge:

  • Master Mixology, Video gaming, and Programming skills.
  • Master Tech guru career and complete Computer Whiz aspiration.
  • Must accept every invitation to parties/outings with your friends.
  • Have at least five good friends and five enemies.

Generation Ten: Blue

After reaching your tenth generation, you’ll almost master every skill and use most traits that The Sims 4 provides. For your Blue sim, you’ll need to use the Gloomy, Perfectionist, and Family-oriented traits.

Blue sims feel the need to have a “white picket fence” life in The Sims 4.

Your Blue sim will be the embodiment of your expertise as a simmer, as you can do anything for them to lead a perfect life, with the “perfect family” and “perfect” marriage.” However, everything will become broken after a one-time affair, which is something that they’ll regret for the rest of their life, even if they never admit it to their spouse.

Here’s what you need to complete the Blue generation challenge:

  • Adopt at least one child.
  • Master the Photography, Cooking, and Parenting skills.
  • Master Critic career and complete Super Parent aspiration.
  • Must marry a high school sweetheart and stay with them until you die.
  • Have a one-time secret affair.

Once you’ve reached the tenth generation, you’ll have completed the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge in The Sims 4. For more information about some of the biggest AAA releases in 2024, be sure to check out the following links:

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