The Last of Us Part 3 leaks & rumors: Everything we know

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New leaks surrounding the rumored third installment of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us have revealed interesting details about new characters and more. Here’s everything we know about The Last of Us Part 3.

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is one of the most loved franchises in gaming, producing two games with an incredible story that continues to captivate players all across the world. The story became even more widely loved after The Last of Us TV series was released on HBO, and now fans are wondering what’s next.

The Last of Us Part 2’s end left things open for another installment, and on top of that, leaks and rumors suggest that the devs are working on The Last of Us Part 3, which will aim to continue the story and perhaps bring it to an end.

Does The Last of Us Part 3 have a release date?

The Last of Us Part 3 does not have a release date and has not actually been confirmed by Naughty Dog at the time of writing.

That said, last year reputable leaker ViewerAnon claimed that the game was in development and that things were progressing for a third game. Now, another leaker has revealed possible details about the story and characters for The Last of Us Part 3.

The Last of Us Part 3 story & character leaks

While Naughty Dog are yet to officially announce a third part to The Last of Us, reputable leaker ‘DanielRPK’ claimed to have details on five new characters, which could move the franchise away from Ellie and Joel.

The five characters reported by DanielRPK in their Patreon post are Lucas, Mason, Val, Ezra, and Gracis. According to the leaker, the devs are looking for voice actors to play these roles, and some details about the characters and their situation were also revealed.

DanielRPK claimed that The Last of Us Part 3 will feature a part “about a group of scavengers surviving on the outskirts of a post-apocalyptic city, crammed into a Victorian house that serves as their base.” The character Lucas is described as a male survivor who’s “affable” and also “develops a relationship with another young scavenger and will have a turn to show his dark side.”

Despite there being fewer details on Val, DanielRPK stated that the character is “female,” and will be the “leader of the group.” Details on Gracis were less prominent, but this character will be around an 18 to 25-year-old female.

According to the leak, Ezra will bring a struggle for leadership, as he “wants to take the house from Val,” while Mason is a former soldier who will have some sort of internal conflict.

Keep in mind that these are just leaks and Naughty Dog have not confirmed anything, so take this information with a pinch of salt.

If these leaks are true, however, it will certainly be interesting to see how these characters will tie into the overarching story which began with Ellie and Joel. As more information is released, we’ll be sure to update this piece so stay tuned.

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