Pikmin Bloom beginners guide: Expeditions, how to play, planting, more

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Different types of Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom has a simple objective – make walking fun with several elements like planting flowers, expeditions, and decorations. If you are struggling to progress efficiently, this Pikmin Bloom beginners guide should be of massive help.

With the advent of technology, we’ve witnessed the birth of new genres of gaming. The best examples of this are games like Pokemon Go and Pikmin Bloom which can literally become a part of real life.

The Pikmin franchise has grown considerably over the years and the fourth installation in the series is expected to arrive in 2023. While the console versions of Pikmin include quests and storylines, the mobile version is based on augmented reality where you grow a Pikmin army by walking.

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In this Pikmin Bloom beginners guide, we’ll go over the game’s mechanics and prepare you for expeditions.

Pikmin Bloom official art workPikmins are basically plants that can talk, walk, and interact with players.

How to grow Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

You can make your own Pikmin army in Pikmin Bloom by planting seedlings. You get free seedlings upon leveling up and more can be found through expeditions.

There are different types of seedlings based on the steps required for them to grow. You plant them in the Planter Pack and they grow into Pikmins after you’ve walked a certain number of steps.

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The different types of Pikmin Seedlings in the game include:

  • Red – 1000 Steps to grow and turns into Red Pikmin
  • Yellow – 1000 Steps to grow and turns into Yellow Pikmin
  • Blue – 1000 Steps to grow and turns into Blue Pikmin
  • Purple – 3000 Steps to grow and turns into Purple Pikmin
  • White – 3000 Steps to grow and turns into White Pikmin
  • Pink – 5000 Steps to grow and turns into Winged Pikmin
  • Gray – 5000 Steps to grow and turns into Rock Pikmin
  • Huge – 10000 Steps to grow and turns into a random Decor Pikmin
  • Golden – 100 Steps to grow and turns into a random type of Decor Pikmin

What are expeditions in Pikmin Bloom

Expeditions in Pikmin Bloom help you retrieve items like fruits and seedlings that are found while walking. The feature unlocks at level 6 and you can access it by going to the map and swiping to the expeditions tab.

Official infographic for Pikmin BloomWalking daily is the best way to progress in Pikmin Bloom.

You can send your Pikmin on expeditions to collect items. Every Pikmin has a fixed carrying capacity ranging from 1 to 5. Do note that the items are retrieved in real-time so do not send your Pikmins to far-off places as such expeditions might last for weeks which isn’t worth the wait.

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To start an expedition in Pikmin Bloom, follow these steps:

  1. Go out and visit different locations.
  2. Head to the in-game Expeditions tab. A list of items that can be retrieved will appear.
  3. Select Pikmin with more strength than the weight of the item and make a team with the least completion time and the best rewards.

It is important to regularly check the available expeditions in Pikmin Bloom as they expire in a few days. Mostly, expeditions help in getting seedlings and fruits. While seedlings help to grow more Pikmin, fruits turn into nectar, and feeding nectar to Pikmins increases your friendship with them.

The map in Pikmin Bloom shows your real-life surroundings and massive sprouts. When you walk and plant flowers around these sprouts, they bloom and produce fruits that you can collect through expeditions.

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The Big Flowers on the map are also a brilliant source of nectar. If you’re lucky enough, you might encounter a rare Big Flower that hands out rarer qualities of nectar.

How to plant flowers in Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin in real-lifeThe big sprouts in Pikmin Bloom are similar to Gyms in Pokemon Go.

You can plant flowers in Pikmin Bloom by collecting petals and placing them while walking. To get petals, give nectar to your Pikmins until the leaf on their head turns into glowing petals.

There are many benefits of planting flowers in Pikmin Bloom. These include faster seedling growth, bonus coins, and blooming Big Flowers, among others.

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Hence, if you want to progress efficiently in Pikmin Bloom, constantly growing flowers and collecting petals from Pikmin is a must.

Well, that was everything that Pikmin Bloom beginners must know to have a great start. For similar content on mobile games, you can check out how to get all Eeveelutions in Pokemon Go, best multiplayer mobile games, and all Luxurious chest locations in Genshin Impact.

Image Credits: Niantic / Nintendo

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