How to unlock all Costumes in Persona 3 Reload

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If you want to keep as stylish as you can get in Persona 3 Reload, here are all the possible character costumes and how to unlock them in Atlus’ remake of the cult-classic RPG.

Persona 3 Reload is one of the most stylish games in the franchise, from its new remade character models, the menu’s UI, and the new music. Players can enjoy the new adventures of SEES against Strega and The Dark Hour in style.

But that doesn’t stop there, as the game features many costumes and outfits that players can equip to use in their Tartarus outings. If you pre-ordered the game, you will probably already have some outfits resembling past game characters.

But there’s more, so here’s how to equip and get every Costume in Persona 3 Reload.

How to equip Costumes in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload players can equip Costumes by going to the game’s Menu and selecting the ‘Equip’ option. There you will find all the equipable pieces, and the last one is the Outfit slot, which can be changed once you obtain your first Costume.

Persona 3 Reload Costumes & Outfits
Players can equip Outfits for the main characters to change their appearance in Tartarus.

All outfits & how to unlock in Persona 3 Reload

Here’s every costume in Persona 3 Reload, as well as how to unlock them in-game:

CostumeHow to get
SEES UniformsNormal game progression – Date: 6/13
Summer Uniform (M)Finish Elizabeth Request – “Fusion Series #4: Lovers, Titania”
Summer Uniform (F)Finish Elizabeth Request – “Let me hear music, unique to Gekkoukan”
Winter Uniform (M)Finish Elizabeth Request – “I’d like to try a beef bowl”
Winter Uniform (F)Finish Elizabeth Request – “Fusion Series #1: Emperor, Oberon”
Summer Garb (M)Finish Elizabeth Request – “Please feed the cat”
Summer Garb (F)Finish Elizabeth Request – “Fusion Series #5: Magician, Rangda”
Winter Garb (M)Finish Elizabeth Request – “Fusion Series #2: Chariot, Mithras”
Winter Garb (F)Finish Elizabeth Request – “I’d like to be gifted a bouquet of flowers”
TuxedoOpen chests in Tartarus after mid-floor boss fights
Maid OutfitFinish Elizabeth Request – “Fusion Series #3: Hermit, Mothman”
Sexy ArmorOpen chests in Tartarus after mid-floor boss fights
Pink BikiniOpen chests in Tartarus after mid-floor boss fights
Battle PantiesOpen chests in Tartarus after mid-floor boss fights
Red ShortsFound in the chest at the end of Monad Passage in Upper Tziyah Block (177F)
Bicolor ShortsFound in the chest at the end of Monad Passage in Tziyah Block (143F)
Winged Dog SuitOpen chests in Tartarus after mid-floor boss fights
Infiltration OutfitNormal game progression – Unlocked when Aigis joins the party – Date: 7/24
Persona 4 Golden Yasogami High Costume setPurchased as DLC
Persona 5 Royal Shujin Academy Costume setPurchased as DLC
Persona 5 Royal Phantom Thieves Costume setPurchased as DLC

We’ll update this guide as we find more Costumes in Persona 3 Reload. Meanwhile, check out the rest of our game coverage:

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