NHL 24 X-Factors explained: Best skills in HUT

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NHL 24 player diving for the puck

If you’re taking your first steps in NHL 24, here is a complete guide with everything you need to know about X-Factors. Find out what they are, what they’re used for, and the best X-Factors in NHL 24.

NHL 24 offers players a plethora of new features and changes in its major game modes, as well as in the gameplay. The new installment of the franchise also brings back some notable features from previous editions, such as X-Factors.

If you’re new to the NHL franchise, you may not know what X-Factors are and what role they play on the ice. Here is a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about X-Factors in NHL 24, including what they are, their purpose, and the best ones in the game.

What are X-Factors in NHL 24?

In NHL 24, X-Factors are special abilities that give players a significant boost based on a skill or talent they possess. For example, Trevor Zegras has the Skilled Up X-Factor, which gives him exceptional ability at performing lacrosse moves.

Trevor Zegras NHL 24
Trevor Zegras is one of the most skilled players in NHL 24.

The Hockey Ultimate Team is the only mode where you can change the X-Factors of your players, as you can find these special abilities as consumables in packs or in the store.

To activate the X-Factors abilities on your HUT team, you should follow these steps:

  1. Load up NHL 24 and go to Hockey Ultimate Team
  2. Scroll over to the MyTeam Menu
  3. Select Ability Limits and choose your X-Factor player
  4. Finally, press Y/Triangle to activate X-Factor abilities

Best X-Factor abilities in NHL 24

Depending on the player’s position, you can add either an offensive or defensive X-Factor. Here is a list of the best offensive and defensive X-Factor abilities in NHL 24, along with a brief description of the boost the player will receive.

Best Offensive X-Factor abilities

  • One Tee: Exceptional power and accuracy on one-timers. Greatly increase the ability to one time less than ideal passes
  • Elite Edges: Exceptional maneuverability with the ability to turn tight corners while retaining high-speed
  • Unstoppable Force: Exceptional strength with the puck and a greatly increased ability to hold onto the puck when off balance.
  • Off The Rush: Exceptional power and accuracy when taking slap shots while skating
  • Puck on a String: Exceptional toe drag and stick handling speed
  • Wheels: Exceptional agility, speed, and acceleration when skating with the puck.

Best Defensive X-Factor abilities

  • Stick ‘Em Up: Phenomenal defensive stick speed. Exceptional accuracy when poking checking against momentum or at speed. Greatly reduces the chance of a penalty
  • Quick Pick: Exceptional at intercepting pucks. Also significantly increases a player’s range when intercepting pucks
  • Ice Pack: Exceptional shot-blocking ability with additional range. Greatly improves recovery from blocked shots. Reduced injury and staggered chance
  • Shutdown: Exceptional accuracy when poke-checking against momentum or at speed in rush situations. Also greatly improves shot blocking and hitting strength while defending against rush chances
  • Truculence: Exceptional stability and assistance on shoulder checks. Greatly increases the chance of knocking over the opponent and sapping their energy
  • Yoink!: Exceptional accuracy when stick lifting against momentum or at speed. Opposing players take much longer to recover from stick lifts

That’s all you need to know about X-Factors in NHL 24. For more about the new EA Sports game, check out our other related guides.

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