Best NHL 24 camera settings: Auto zoom, view angle & perspective options

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Jack Eichel in NHL 24

To gain the maximum advantage in NHL 24, you should have the best camera settings that will help you be more efficient in both offense and defense. Check out the best NHL 24 camera settings below.

EA Sports have finally opened the doors to the new NHL 24, and thousands of fans can now enjoy a new edition of the popular hockey game. The latest installment is loaded with new features in the franchise’s traditional game modes: World of Chel, Hockey Ultimate Team, Be a Pro, and Franchise modes.

In NHL 24, like all sports games, having the best camera angle is crucial to gaining even the smallest advantage over your opponent. Here are the best camera settings for NHL 24, whether you want to achieve greater accuracy in both offense and defense or if you prefer broadcast-style views.

Best NHL 24 camera settings

The Overhead is the best camera in NHL 24, as with it you can see a vertical perspective of the ice from the back of your players, providing a better panoramic view of what’s happening around the player with the puck.

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The best view angle in NHL 24 can make the difference between a missed shot or a great goal.

The Overhead camera will allow you to improve your defensive moves, as well as give you a clearer view for making passes or finding open spaces on the counterattack.

Additionally, you should ensure that the Auto Zoom and Camera Perspective options are enabled. The Auto Zoom feature will automatically adjust the camera to provide you with the best in-game angles, while the Camera Perspective setting will adjust the viewing angle to either Prefer Up, Prefer Down, or Alternate.

Finally, if you prefer a camera angle similar to real-life NHL broadcasts, then we recommend using some of the broadcast-view variants such as Broadcast, True Broadcast, or True Broadcast Legacy.

That’s all you need to know about the best NHL 24 camera settings, you must now jump into the ice and try what’s the better option for you.

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