NHL 24 Franchise mode: Best teams to rebuild

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If you accept the challenge of rebuilding a team in NHL 24 from scratch and leading it to glory in Franchise mode, here is a list of the best teams you can choose in NHL 24 Franchise mode.

NHL 24 offers players multiple game modes in which they can spend many hours, such as Be a Pro, World of Chel, Hockey Ultimate Team, or Franchise mode.

In the Franchise mode, fans have the opportunity to build a team and lead it to glory by winning numerous NHL championships, regular-season trophies, and more. However, if you want a real challenge, you should consider rebuilding a team that is lacking in terms of overall rating but has an interesting project with prospects and tools at your disposal.

Here is a list of the best teams to rebuild in NHL 24‘s Franchise mode.

Best NHL 24 teams to rebuild in Franchise mode

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Rebuild a team and lead it to the NHL Championship in NHL 24 Franchise mode.

New York Islanders

The first team on our list is the New York Islanders. In NHL 24, the Islanders team has decent defensive players but not as much depth in attack. That’s why if you choose the Islanders to start your Franchise mode, you’ll have the task of developing young wingers like William Dufour (RW) and Matthew Maggio (RW) to build a competitive team on the ice.

Nashville Predators

The Nashville Predators offer an interesting challenge. On one hand, you have Roman Josi with a 94 OVR rating, but he isn’t well-supported as a left defender. Unlike the Islanders, Nashville doesn’t have significant prospects to develop, so you’ll need to achieve the best results in your first season and start restructuring from the second preseason onwards.

Winnipeg Jets

The third and final team on this list is the Winnipeg Jets. The Canadian team has an intriguing roster with many prospects you can develop during the early seasons. Later on, you can trade for better players, and season by season, you can work towards competing for the NHL championship with an improved team.

Those were our suggestions for NHL 24 teams to rebuild in Franchise mode. Now, it’s time to hit the ice and start your first season.

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