Football Manager 2024: Best clubs to rebuild

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With a sizable database featuring authentic teams from the biggest leagues in the world, there’s no shortage of clubs to manage in Football Manager 2024. But if you’re looking to drastically change a team’s fortunes, here are our picks for the best clubs to rebuild in FM24.

Football Manager 2024 is another solid iteration of management sim players have come to adore. The game packs in a set of new features along with an updated database of players and teams. FM24 places football lovers in the manager’s hot seat and throws increasingly tricky obstacles in front of them.

The primary objective is to lead teams to glory but some players are more interested in forming a narrative around their reign. This usually involves earning success with a team that’s fallen upon difficult times. So if you’re looking to reform a club’s stature, here are our picks for the best clubs to rebuild in Football Manager 2024.

FM24: Best clubs to rebuild

Our picks for the best clubs to rebuild in Football Manager 2024 require plenty of sorting out. While some can do with tighter squad planning, others need upgrades to their facilities and maybe some new faces in the training staff.

Here are the best clubs to rebuild in FM24:

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Ajax in FM24Sports Interactive
Utilizing Ajax’s academy is great for your FM24 save.

Ajax are a club steeped in heritage and class. The Dutch giants are known for their stellar academy, and for dominating the Eredivise for most of this decade. They’ve also gotten agonizingly close to European glory in recent years but their fortunes have taken a nosedive this season.

Ajax currently sit in 11th place in the Dutch League with plenty of uncertainty surrounding the club. They’ve also lost out on some incredible academy talents in the last couple of seasons, leaving their squad a bit thin.

It’s on you to step in and tighten their squad planning. You’ll also have to chart development plans for the promising youngsters in their academy. Ultimately, the onus is on you to make Ajax a European giant once again.

Leicester City

From their miraculous PL triumph in 2016 to their famed FA Cup win in 2021, Leicester City know a thing or two about being the underdogs. But due to a lack of investment in their squad, the Foxes have dropped down to the Championship.

If you’re looking for a long save with some Division 2 action, Leicester could be the way to go. Besides sorting out their recruitment, you’ll probably need to get into the board’s good books and improve the club’s facilities. There’s always the possibility of pulling a Ranieri and making the Foxes champions once again.

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Manchester United

Manchester United in FM24Sports Interactive
Manchester United’s first team could use a few changes in FM24.

It’s no secret that Manchester United are a mess. Long gone are the days of their dominance over English football as the Red Devils are stuck in an endless cycle of expendable managers. The club is also plagued by a lack of unity and cohesion within the squad plus the facilities could use an upgrade as well.

Bringing joy back to the Theatre of Dreams won’t be easy but that’s what makes it all the more gratifying. Perhaps you’ll be the catalyst that sparks life into the red half of Manchester.

Hertha Berlin

Hertha Berlin have seen a startling decline in recent years that culminated with their relegation to 2. Bundesliga. The German outfit used to be European regulars but now they’re struggling to find their footing in the 2nd Division. In contrast, their city rivals, Union Berlin, managed to secure a Champions League spot last season.

The club will require a major overhaul to get back to winning ways. Your job is to provide some much-needed stability to the team and lead them back to the Bundesliga.

FC Groningen

FC Groningen in FM24Sports Interactive
FC Groningen need a lift back to the Dutch top tier in FM24

FC Groningen is one of the toughest challenges you can take on in FM24. The side’s 23-year-old stay in Eredivisie ended in miserable fashion last year as they were demoted after winning just four games all season.

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Now toiling away in the 2nd tier of Dutch football, the club is in desperate need of a rebuild. Some improvements to the youth pipeline are also needed, with the objective being a return to the Eredivisie.

Those were our picks for the best clubs to rebuild in Football Manager 2024. For more FM24, check out our other guides:

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