How to request a trade in Madden 24

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If you feel like your time with your current team in Madden 24 Superstar or Franchise modes is coming to an end, you should consider exploring new horizons. Check if it’s possible to request a trade to another team in Madden 24 Franchise and Superstar modes.

Madden 24 Superstar and Franchise modes allow players to fulfill the dream of playing in the NFL, competing for a spot in the highly anticipated Super Bowl, whether as the team’s star player or stepping into the shoes of a General Manager or Coach.

Whichever path you take, you’ll likely find yourself at the crossroads of requesting a trade to another team or trading your players to improve your lineup. Requesting a trade hasn’t been possible in all Madden 24 game modes, but in which ones is it possible to do so?

Here’s everything you need to know about how to request a trade in both Madden 24 game modes.

Can you request a trade in Madden 24 Superstar Mode?

Unfortunately, you cannot request a trade in Madden 24 Superstar Mode. In this way, you’ll be stuck with the team that drafts you.

However, it’s worth noting that before starting the draft, Madden 24 asks you if you want to be drafted by a random team, or if you prefer to select which team you want to draft your player. This way, you can choose your favorite team in advance or take the risk of staying with a random team throughout the save.

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Can you request a trade in Madden 24 Franchise Mode?

Yes, if you choose to be a General Manager or Coach in Madden 24 Franchise Mode, you can freely request trades to any NFL team. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to request a trade in Madden 24 Franchise Mode:

  1. On the Home screen, scroll down and select “Manage Roster”
  2. Click on the “Trade Center” option
  3. There, you’ll see three trade options: Trade Block (Recommended), Upgrade Position, and Manual Trade
  4. Select the player(s) you wish to acquire, along with the players or draft picks you’re offering, and finalize the trade based on the level of interest from both players.

So now you know, that’s all you need to know on requesting a trade in Madden 24. For more on Madden 24, check out our other game guides:

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