Kingdom Maker beginner’s guide: Army, Nobles, Resources, more

Aakrit Sharma
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Kingdom Maker involves a lot more than just kingdom making as there are many elements that one needs to master. If you’ve just started your journey, check out this Kingdom Maker beginner’s guide for the best strategies, tips, and tricks to keep you ahead of the curve.

Kingdom Maker might seem like another title inspired by Clash of Clans but as you dive deeper, you’ll be amazed by its complexity. From investing in Nobles to being part of a strong alliance, there’s so much to explore and master.

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It is only natural for beginners to struggle to maintain steady progress in Kingdom Maker. There are PvE and PvP modes with different mechanics and excelling in everything can seem like an arduous task.

If you can relate to the dilemmas mentioned above, here’s a Kingdom Maker beginner’s guide that’ll cover the basics of the game and put you on the path to becoming a top-tier kingdom maker.

Nobles in Kingdom Maker

What is the purpose of Kingdom Maker?

In Kingdom Maker, your goal is to make the biggest Kingdom out there with the help of a massive army. While the PvP modes will encourage you to battle it out with other kingdoms, it is equally important to maintain diplomatic relationships with them for trading Nobles and other resources.

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Nobles play a huge role in Kingdom Maker and there are different qualities of Nobles ranging from Runt to Mythical. You need to breed Nobles and give them tasks to run your dynasty.

Long story short, Kingdom Maker replicates the typical struggle for power among rulers in medieval dynasties. The threat is not just outside the kingdom as you need to rely on tactfulness and manipulation to maintain internal integrity as well.

Now, let’s take a look at the different elements you’ll have to pay attention to in Kingdom Maker.

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How to make the strongest army in Kingdom Maker

The quality and size of your army in Kingdom Maker depend on several factors including kingdom population and account level. Hence, make sure to upgrade your housing as well as upgrade your personal level by unlocking new talents.

There are four primary types of troops in Kingdom Maker:

  • Infantry: Great for holding the line and letting other troops march forward.
  • Ranged: Best for defending your city.
  • Mounted: Tanky units that ignore watchtowers and deal significant damage to enemy battalions.
  • Siege Machines: Stable machines that can fire projectiles over large distances.

Now, to make the strongest army, you’ll need to do a lot more than just train troops. Build weapons for your troops through the blacksmith and assign captains that grant buffs to different types of troops. For instance, if your army primarily comprises Mounted troops, assigning a Mounted Specialist is a must.

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Lastly, do not forget to upgrade your troops to Tier 3 as quickly as possible. Each upgrade adds to their strength and will make your PvP journey much smoother.

An empire in Kingdom Maker

How to farm resources in Kingdom Maker

To sustain your empire, here’s how you can farm the most important resources in Kingdom Maker:

  • Silver: Collect taxes from your kingdom’s residents.
  • Stone: Construct a Stoneman.
  • Wood: Construct a Sawmill.
  • Food: Raise animals and plant crops on farms.

While these methods are consistent and permanent, you always have the option to loot other empires and get their resources.

Mining is another major aspect of Kingdom Maker and you’ll need food to send to your army for mining expeditions. Recall the army as soon as the mining is complete to get the mined resources. Refine the mining resources to increase the level of your Keep and upgrade troops.

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How to build the best Noble family in Kingdom Maker

Kingdom Maker allows you to shape the lives of Nobles from the moment they’re born. At birth, they’re given one of the following qualities: Runt, Normal, Impressive, Exceptional, Legendary, or Mythical. The quality largely depends on the parents so make sure that you breed your highest-quality Nobles in the game.

You also need to give a role to a Noble child at birth and it’ll decide the qualities they’ll excel at.

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Here’s a list of Noble roles in Kingdom Maker:

  • Combat Roles
    • Captain
    • Knight
    • Rogue
    • Marshal
    • Paladin
    • Executioner
  • Trade Roles
    • Merchant
    • Agent
  • Exploration Roles
    • Explorer
    • Ranger
  • Industry Roles
    • Collier
    • Prospector

Every role mentioned here is important for the survival of your empire. While a captain will lead your army to victory, a merchant will unlock the best trading options for you.

Putting Nobles into rooms of your Keep is another noteworthy step that helps in boosting resource production throughout the empire.

An army in Kingdom Maker

Use your beginner bubble to the fullest in Kingdom Maker

Like many strategy games, Kingdom Maker grants protection to new players till level 10. The level bubble stops enemies from attacking you and this is the time when you can vigorously grow your empire without worrying about getting invaded.

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Avoid attacking armies before reaching level 10 as you’ll have enough time to explore the competitive PvP modes. To get a headstart against other beginners, efficiently building your empire while inside the level bubble is a must.

When you unlock the blacksmith at level 8, forge your own equipment to improve the damage of soldiers. When you start attacking after the level bubble breaks, keep in mind to check the power of the defender and your army as attacking someone way stronger than you is an unnecessary risk.

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Join an alliance in Kingdom Maker

Although Kingdom Maker has single-player content, you cannot truly progress without joining an alliance. You’ll be able to send troops to alliance members and take troops from them to get out of rocky battles.

The goal of every alliance should be to make a Temple that grants massive stat boosts to all members. If you don’t want to miss out on such benefits, join an active alliance with skilled leaders.

A fort in Kingdom Maker

Which technology to research first in Kingdom Maker?

Do not follow the masses blindly and start researching your military first in Kingdom Maker. As it turns out, City and Noble technology researches are way more important as they provide faster resource production, quicker construction, new Noble roles, and additional family members.

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Once you’re confident about the state of your city and Nobles, you can start researching military technologies.

Alongside following this guide, you naturally need to be consistent with resource collection, quests, battles, and research. Do not forget to claim the free chests and take on the biggest dungeons as you unlock them. Using mechanics like trading to get rid of extra resources is another minor yet important tip.

We hope these tips help you progress quickly in Kingdom Maker. For similar content on strategy games, you can check out our coverage of AFK Arena, Cookie Run Kingdom, Mythic Heroes, Clash Royale, and RAID Shadow Legends.

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