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Best Clash of Clans bases for farming and war

Just upgraded your Town Hall and cannot defend? Check out this list of the best Clash of Clans bases for Town Hall levels 5, 7, 9, 13 and 15.



Clash of Clans troop attacking with pets

Building a strong base in Clash of Clans is as important as upgrading your troops. If attackers are constantly taking away your resources, check out these Clash of Clans bases to significantly boost your defense.

Alongside learning new attack strategies, building a base is one of the primary tasks in Clash of Clans regardless of your Town Hall level. In fact, as you progress, making a strong home village becomes quite challenging due to the high number of buildings and strong attackers.

While no base in Clash of Clans is unbreakable, carefully choosing a layout for your village is recommended. A strong base can significantly reduce the number of resources you lose during attacks and winning defenses also grant trophies.

On that note, here’s a list of the best bases in Clash of Clans for Town Hall levels 5,7,9,13, and 15.

Clash of Clans promo art featuring Barbarian King and Archer Queen

Strongest Clash of Clans bases for farming and war

Based on the mechanics and troops you unlock, we believe that Town Halls 5, 7, 9, 13, and 15, are the most important for any Clash of Clans player. At these levels, you’ll witness a substantial increase in competition and the attack strategies of your opponents will also change.

Hence, in this article, we’ll reveal the best farming and war bases for TH 5, 7, 9, 13, and 15.

Best Town Hall 5 bases in Clash of Clans


Best Clash of Clans war base for Town Hall 5

This is a traditional Clash of Clans base for Town Hall 5 players. The defenses and the Town Hall are protected with walls and bombs and traps are placed in areas that will most likely be the entry points for opponent troops.

The Gold and Elixir storages are inside the walls which can help you save your resources.


Best Clash of Clans base for Town Hall 5

This Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 base is more suited for wars. The Clan Castle is inside the base and the Town Hall is surrounded by walls from each side. Because aerial troops can dominate at this level, the Air Defense is at the center.

Best Town Hall 7 bases in Clash of Clans


Best Clash of Clans base for Town Hall 7

You unlock Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans at Town Hall 7 and this base helps you save the scarce resource. All storages are inside the base and Wizard Towers and Archer Towers are deployed to defend them. The Town Hall is the heart which makes it hard for opponents to 3-star it.

While the Archers Towers protect the entire base from aerial attacks initially, the Air Defenses are deep inside. As a result, you won’t have to worry about people spamming Balloons or Dragons and getting 3 stars.


Best Clash of Clans war base for Town Hall 7

The placement of the Clan Castle is as brilliant as it gets in this Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 base. You’ll face a lot of aerial attacks during this stage which is why the Air Defenses are right beside the Town Hall.

Your opponents will struggle to find a decent entry to your base and even if they do, they’ll face traps and bombs. The cannons and the Mortars are nothing more than distractions during an aerial attack which is why they’re in the first layer of defense here.

On the flip side, the Archer Towers and Wizard Towers are the most important at Town Hall 7. Hence, surround them with as many traps and bombs as possible.

Best Town Hall 9 bases in Clash of Clans


Best Clash of Clans base for Town Hall 9

This Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 base is the closest we can get to an indestructible layout. At Town Hall 9, you’ll be facing Queen Charge, Balloons, and Dragons. This base can effectively counter each of these strategies because of the placement of defenses.

Explosive defenses like Air Defense, X-Bow, and Mortars are properly protected and the Town Hall is at the heart. For all these reasons, your opponents will have a hard time stealing any loot.

You unlock the reliable X-Bow at Town Hall 9 and this layout ensures that this fast-shooting defense is protected with walls, Hidden Teslas, and Clan Castle troops.


Best Clash of Clans war base for Town Hall 9

War bases in Clash of Clans are supposed to stop the enemy from gaining stars and saving your resources isn’t a top priority. Accordingly, here’s a spread-out Town Hall 9 war base that is a nightmare for a grounded attack.

Even if your opponent uses Aerial troops, the Air Defenses are well-protected. On top of that, it’s really hard to bring out the Clan Castle troops before the actual attack. There is no proper way to enter the base and there are multiple compartments to slow things down.

YouTuber Fay demonstrated how this Town Hall 9 base performed against an all-Dragon attack in this video.

Best Town Hall 13 bases in Clash of Clans


Best Clash of Clans base for Town Hall 13

Thanks to the abundance of compartments, you’ll rarely witness a fast ground attack in this Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 base. The Mortars and Cannons aren’t really useful at this level which is why they’re outside the walls.

Interestingly, the defenses outside the main structure can sometimes distract troops and ruin an opponent’s funnel. You’ll notice that the Archers Towers cover the entire base except the center which is already equipped with the Town Hall, Clan Castle, and the Eagle Artillery.

The Inferno Towers play a major role in Town Hall 13 and above. Hence, placing them in separate compartments is a wise strategy.


Best Clash of Clans war base for Town Hall 13

Spread-out bases are prevalent at higher levels in Clash of Clans and this Town Hall 13 war base is the perfect example of this. The unusual placing of defenses and buildings can confuse any attacker and the clever positioning of the Clan Castle is quite crucial here.

This base might not offer the best protection to your Town Hall but you might save a star or two because of the remaining design. Time plays a major role in widespread bases as troops often struggle to take out all the buildings even after they’ve destroyed all the defenses.

Best Town Hall 15 bases in Clash of Clans


Best Clash of Clans base for Town Hall 15

The core of this Clash of Clans Town Hall 15 base comprises the Inferno Towers and X-Bows. On the outside, you can place Mortars, Bomb Towers, Archer Towers, and Cannons.

An Electro Dragon is the only troop in the game that can generate some problems for this base and any other army (aerial or ground) will struggle to penetrate deeper. Builder huts accompany the main defenses in this base as they can repair these buildings during battle.

Yet again, the base focuses on building multiple compartments that trouble ground troops. At the same time, aerial defenses are near the center to counter aerial attacks.

In case you’re yet to unlock all builders, check out our guide on how to get the sixth builder in Clash of Clans.


Best Clash of Clans war base for Town Hall 15

For our final TH15 base, we’ve selected another spread-out design that can confuse any Clash of Clans player. Firstly, time will be a major constraint for the attacker when attacking a base like this. Moreover, you cannot create an efficient funnel as there’s a high chance that troops take separate ways and get distracted constantly.

Even if your opponent uses the strongest pets and Super Troops that are unlocked at Town Hall 14 and 15, it is puzzling to come up with a proper strategy.

During the end game in Clash of Clans (TH 13 and higher), it is unlikely that your opponent won’t be skilled enough to get even a single star. This is why sacrificing one star in the form of a relatively unprotected Town Hall is a common strategy. Instead, highly skilled players focus on stopping the attackers from getting all 3 stars.

We hope this guide helps you make a rigid Clash of Clans base that no one can loot and get 3stars from. For similar content, make sure to check out how to get League Medals and the best Town Hall 11 attacks.

Image Credits: Supercell