Is Zenless Zone Zero open world?

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Zenless Zone Zero is devolved by HoYoverse, a studio reputed for creating Genshin Impact, which is one of the most played open-world games out there. If you want to jump into Zenless Zone Zero right at launch, this guide on its open world potential will definitely come in handy.

The Honkai Impact series was fairly popular, but HoYoverse achieved global recognition through Genshin Impact, an open-world RPG that lets you unlock characters through gacha and gets updated every six weeks.

This was followed by Honkai Star Rail, which has an identical gacha system but is set in a completely different world. The game turned out to be a massive hit as well, and HoYoverse is now gearing up for the release of Zenless Zone Zero.

There are many questions among fans surrounding Zenless Zone Zero, and here’s what we know about the game offering an open world that can be explored endlessly.

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Zenless Zone Zero is a free-to-play game

Does Zenless Zone Zero have an open world?

No, Zenless Zone Zero doesn’t have an open world that you can explore. Instead, the game resembles a dungeon crawler with roguelike elements, as your main goal is to work as a Proxy and head into portal-like Hollows that contain a wide range of enemies and tasks.

Proxies in Zenless Zone Zero are guides that help others explore the Hollows, and you’ll play as one of them. Interestingly, Proxies maintain dual identities to separate their lives in the Hollows and New Eridu, the main city.

The dual identity mechanic is similar to Persona titles, and it is evident that HoYoverse wants to deliver a brand-new experience to the fans now. The combat in the upcoming title is entirely unique too, and there’s plenty of engaging content to look forward to unless you strictly want an open world title.

Well, this is everything we know about the availability of an open world in Zenless Zone Zero. We’ll update this space with the latest information, so make sure to bookmark and check back often.

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