Is Venom a playable character in Spider-Man 2?

Udit Surve
Venom in Spider-Man 2.

With Venom being one of the major antagonists in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, players are curious if they’ll get to play as him in the game. So here’s all you need to know about Venom being a playable character in Spider-Man 2.

Serving as a third installment in the series, Spider-Man 2, introduces new gameplay elements such as innovative traversal mechanics and equipment such as a mine that pulls at least three enemies towards it at once, and more.

But that’s not all, the game also features a brand new roster of villains, some of which were teased in the previous games, that Peter and Miles together have to fight to save the day. One such antagonist is Venom, a character fans have been eager to see in action since his appearance in earlier installments.

This brings us to a burning question among players: will Venom be a playable character in Spider-Man 2? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Minor Spider-Man 2 spoilers ahead.

Peter with Symbiote Advanced Suit and Miles in Spider-Man 2.
Venom is a major antagonist in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Can you play as Venom in Spider-Man 2?

Yes, Venom is a playable character in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. But there are certain limitations on when and how players can control him. You only get to play as him in one mission, when Harry Osborne turns into Venom. But you can’t switch to Venom like you can with Peter and Miles.

The best thing about this part is that it has its own set of moves, not just the same ones that the Spider-Men use. So, while you do get to play as Venom, you don’t really get to control him in the game.

Who is Venom in Spider-Man 2?

Harry Osborn is Venom in Spider-Man 2 and the game follows his actions that will lead him to become the host of the alien symbiote. We know from previous installments that Harry is getting treated for Oshtoran Syndrome, and the symbiote looks to be his only out.

Venom briefly appeared in the endings of both Spider-Man 1 and Miles Morales in the post-credit and mid-credit scenes respectively, where the host was revealed to be Harry Osborn.

And that was all about Venom in Spider-Man 2. For more about the game, take a peek at our other guides:

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