Will TopSpin 2K25 be on Xbox Game Pass?

Franco Diaz
TopSpin 2K25 Grand Slam edition cover

The release announcement of TopSpin 2K25 has made thousands of tennis fans eager to play 2K Games’s new title, but can they save money by playing it with Xbox Game Pass? Check out everything you need to know about whether TopSpin 2K25 is coming to Microsoft’s membership.

2K Games have been working secretly on the development of TopSpin 2K25, the first franchise title in the last 13 years. That’s why tennis fans have been surprised by the announcement of the release date, all available platforms, and pre-order bonuses.

However, many fans, besides starting to wonder about the gameplay features and the roster of tennis players, want to know if TopSpin 2K25 will be playable through Xbox Game Pass. Check out what you need to know about the possible arrival of TopSpin 2K25 to the Microsoft membership.

Will TopSpin 2K25 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

2K Games have not yet announced whether TopSpin 2K25 will arrive on Xbox Game Pass at launch. However, it’s expected that the new title in the franchise will not be available on the Microsoft membership at its release.

Serena Williams and Roger Federer
Roger Federer and Serena Williams also feature in the TopSpin 2K25 Grand Slam edition.

Taking into account other 2K Games franchises, such as NBA 2K or WWE 2K, we can expect that while TopSpin 2K25 won’t be available on Game Pass at launch, it could be added to the membership library or included as a weekend trial in the future.

However, this is just speculation, so we’ll have to wait for a future announcement from 2K Games to confirm whether TopSpin 2K25 will arrive to Xbox Game Pass.

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