All new WWE 2K24 gameplay features explained

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Japanese wrestler Asuka WWE 2K24

2K Games decided to put an end to the questions about the new gameplay features of WWE 2K24 and revealed a plethora of improvements and new additions. Check out all the new gameplay features available in WWE 2K24.

Fans will be able to jump into WWE 2K24 on March 8 and enjoy countless hours of wrestling. 2K Games have already revealed multiple details such as the game modes, the platforms on which WWE 2K24 will be available, and more.

True to their tradition, 2K Games gave the opportunity to multiple content creators to try out WWE 2K24 during the latest Royal Rumble weekend. Content creators were able to record some of the matches and showcase the new features to the community.

Here are all the new gameplay features in WWE 2K24.

All new gameplay features in WWE 2K24

Sony have revealed a plethora of new features in WWE 2K24. Below, we’ve explained the most outstanding and innovative gameplay features.

  • Super finishers
  • Throwing objects
  • Trading blows mini-game
  • Spectator mode
  • Ringside features

Super finisher moves

2K Games surprised fans with the addition of the new super finisher moves. Basically, these new moves are a more powerful version of the familiar finishers. To execute a super finisher, the player must have three stored finishes and press the finisher input (R2+X/RT+A).

In WWE 2K24 you can perform super finisher moves to secure a win.

Throwing objects

Another new feature that the developers added in WWE 2K24 is the ability to throw objects at your opponent. In case you grabbed a chair, a trash bin, or a water bottle from the broadcast table, you should know that these and other objects are no longer limited to strike attacks.

The new feature also allows you to use them as projectiles to deliver a hit from a distance, creating a fun animation when it lands.

Spectator mode

WWE 2K24 introduces a revamped Spectator mode in matches where AI takes the spotlight. Unlike previous editions of WWE 2K where the spectator mode camera was fixed, you will soon have the opportunity to move the camera angle as desired using the controls indicated on the screen.

New trading blows mini-game

2K Games introduced a new trading blows mechanic in WWE 2K24 that includes a mini-game where players must hit the green area with a timed strike. Each time you miss the green area, it will count as a strike, and on the third strike, your wrestler will be vulnerable to any attacks from the opponent.

Reigns and Rollins trading blows mini-game
The new trading blows mini-game is one of the standout features of WWE 2K24.

Ringside features

Some ringside objects like the announcer table received a significant upgrade, making it more interactive in matches.

Now players can clear the table, climb it, and use it for various grapple moves both onto and off the table. Also, you can break the announcer table if you use a finisher or super finisher move on it.

All in all, those were the most outstanding new features introduced in WWE 2K24.

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