How to make stairs in Terraria

Aakrit Sharma
A house with stairs in Terraria

Climbing stairs in Terraria is much more efficient than hopping on platforms. If you’re yet to make a staircase, check out this guide on how to craft stairs in Terraria.

Just like Minecraft, exploration and fighting enemies are two of the primary objectives in Terraria. You can collect a ton of materials, craft countless items with them, and then take on the likes of Duke Fishron to test your mettle.

While Terraria doesn’t limit your creativity in any way, you should always start your crafting journey with the basics. For instance, before making houses for yourself and other characters, it is better to learn how to craft stairs.

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In this guide, we’ll teach you how to build stairs that will eventually help you and your NPCs in traveling through houses and the Overworld.

A house with stairs in Terraria

Materials required to make stairs in Terraria

You can make stairs in Terraria with these items:

  • A hammer of any material
  • Platforms

Both a hammer and platforms are craftable items and luckily, their material won’t matter while building stairs. Hence, even beginners can add stairs to their Terraria world.

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How to make stairs in Terraria

Follow these steps to make the perfect stairs for yourself in Terraria:

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  1. Launch the game and place a platform where you want the top of your staircase to be. Now, place platforms diagonally towards the destination.
  2. Hit every platform you’ve placed with a hammer once. Platforms are tiles that change their form when hit by a hammer and ideally, they should automatically identify the slope you want.
  3. If you’re not satisfied with the slope of your stairs, hit them repeatedly until it’s fixed.
  4. You and your NPCs can now climb these stairs easily.

Do note that you can also intersect two stairs. Even though it won’t make sense in Terraria’s 2D world, intersecting stairs are brilliant for quick mobility.

Simple diagonal stairs in Terraria

How to make a spiral staircase in Terraria

Follow these steps to make a spiral staircase in Terraria:

  1. Craft wooden beams and make a tall background tower where you want the spiral staircase to be.
  2. Start placing platforms at the bottom of the tower. Ideally, place the first platform 2-3 tiles away from the tower and keep placing more platforms to the right.
  3. Based on the design you want, switch directions and start placing platforms to the left.
  4. Continue this until you’ve reached your destination. If you want to keep things symmetrical, memorize the number of platforms on each side and maintain it till the top.
  5. Now, just beat all the platforms you’ve placed with a hammer and they’ll turn into stairs.
Two massive spiral staircases in Terraria

With this guide, you should be able to craft different types of stairs and staircases in Terraria. If you like building things in games, make sure to check out our Minecraft crafting guides for elevators, beacons, and TNT.

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Image Credits: Re-Logic / Reddit

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