How to get Giant Crusher in Elden Ring & best builds

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Elden Ring character with Rivers of Blood

For the Strength lovers in Elden Ring, the Giant Crusher is one of the best weapons in the game. Here’s how to get it in Elden Ring, and what builds you can use it in.

Elden Ring has been one of the biggest and most iconic soulslike RPGs released in recent times and its large player base is hyped up for the much-anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree DLC as it is already available for pre-order.

As the expansion is set to be released on June 21, many players are looking forward to getting back on track and trying out some new builds and weapons to prepare for the DLC. For those going for a Strength build, the Giant Crusher is a must-use weapon.

Here’s how to get the Giant Crusher in Elden Ring.

Giant Crusher location in Elden Ring

To get the Giant Crusher in Elden Ring, head over to the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace, and directly south until you find a large Carriage. Hop on the back of it to find a chest with the Giant Crusher hammer stored in it.

As the name suggests, this Colossal weapon was used in the War against the Giants and is regarded as “one of the heftiest weapons in The Lands Between” by the in-game description, and it requires great Strength to be wielded in Elden Ring.

Giant Crusher Elden Ring
Giant Crusher deals massive damage to enemies.

To equip it, you will need 60 Strength and it scales nicely with it as well. This is why, it is one of the heaviest weapons in the game and deals insane damage. However, keep in mind that its Colossal structure makes it a slow weapon so you might face some difficulties against fast enemies.

Best Giant Crusher builds in Elden Ring

As Giant Crusher is a Strength-based weapon in Elden Ring, make sure to invest most of your points in that stat. However, keep in mind that 65 should be enough as after that the damage buff is too little and you should instead invest in other important stats such as Endurance and Vigor.

Vigor and Endurance are the second and third most important stats to upgrade in for the Giant Crusher as you will need more health to face endgame bosses and more Stamina to pull off all the attacks in the hammer combo.

Here are some of the best Talismans to equip with the Giant Crusher in Elden Ring:

  • Claw Talisman: Increases jump attack damage by 15%.
  • Erdtree’s Favor+2: Increases HP by 4%, Stamina by 10%, and Equip Load by 8.0%
  • Great-Jar’s Arsenal: Raises maximum Equip Load by 19%.

This was everything you had to know about getting the Giant Crusher in Elden Ring. For more on the game, check out other guides:

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