How to break the ring in WWE 2K22

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Broken ring in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 is the first major wrestling game to release in over two years, with Visual Concepts and 2K Sports making some major changes. One of these involves the epic moment you break the ring, which has had the method required change. Here’s how you can destroy the ring in WWE 2K22.

After the disappointing launch of WWE 2K20 and the terrible reviews, developers Visual Concepts and 2K Sports spent two years working on the next installment of the game.

With an improved engine and controls system, new superstars, and the return of the highly-anticipated GM mode, there’s plenty for grappling fans to sink their teeth into.

While there are plenty of new additions to the game, the devs have also changed some of the existing features in the game. One of those is the ‘OMG! Moment’ which lets players explode the ring after performing a Superplex, with the set-up required now different. Here’s how to do it.

Kane and Braun Strowman breaking the ring in WWE 2k

How to make the ring collapse in WWE 2K22

Ever since Big Show and Brock Lesnar literally broke the ring back in 2003, WWE fans have been begging the game devs to add it as an option in the game. THQ finally obliged in 2012, allowing players to break the ring posts and bring down the ropes.

Since then, the method to accomplish this crazy feat has remained pretty much the same. That’s not the case in WWE 2K22 though, with the steps required changed. Thankfully, it’s still fairly straightforward, so here’s how to do it.

  1. Deal damage to your opponent until one of the body parts is colored red (indicating high damage.)
  2. Throw your opponent into the turnbuckle.
  3. Facing the middle of the ring, lift your opponent onto the top turnbuckle using the right analog stick.
  4. Hold ‘B’ on your Xbox controller, ‘Circle’ on your PlayStation controller, and perform a Superplex.
  5. The ring will then collapse when both wrestlers hit the ring.

Completing these steps will initiate the animation, with the referee making a swift exit to avoid the impending destruction. When the two behemoths hit the mat, the steel steps on either side of the ring will fly apart, the ring posts will bend, and the turnbuckles will fall, leaving the ropes draped on the floor.

Remember, you’ll only be able to break the ring using Super Heavyweight wrestlers, as smaller and lighter competitors don’t have the weight required to implode the ring.

Don’t expect the match to carry on either, as the referee will immediately wave the contest off from outside the wreckage of the squared circle, declaring the wrestler who initiated the move the winner.

Image Credits: WWE / 2K Sports

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