All WWE 2K24 weapons & how to get them

Aryan Singh
Backstage Brawl in WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 features a variety of weapons and objects you can use to beat down opponents, but you won’t be able to access all of them in a single match. So if you’re looking to check them all out, here are all the weapons in WWE 2K24 and how to get them.

WWE 2K24 is here, and it brings with it all the game modes and features players have come to expect from the series. Classic modes such as MyFaction, Universe, and MyRise all make a return, and the main roster remains as impressive as ever with even more Superstars coming through post-launch DLC packs.

The latest entry in the franchise also expands upon match types, by adding highly-requested stipulations like the Ambulance and Casket matches. Even Backstage Brawls have been improved through more interactions with the environments.

The various weapons you can grab during matches see new inclusions as well, and you can even hurl them in the direction of your opponents. With this in mind, here are all the weapons in WWE 2K24 and how to get them.

All weapons in WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 Slim Jim weapon
Slim Jims can be used as a weapon in WWE 2K24.

Here is the full list of weapons in WWE 2K24:

  • Trashcan
  • Guitar
  • Microphone
  • Chancla
  • Slim Jim
  • Chair
  • Ladder
  • Kendo Stick
  • Sledgehammer
  • Shovel
  • Table
  • Baseball Bat
  • Stop Sign
  • Hockey Stick

How to get weapons in WWE 2K24

The best way to get weapons during a WWE 2K24 match is to hop out of the ring, head towards a ring apron side without LED boards, and press LB on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation.

This will bring up the weapon wheel, allowing you to pick between six different objects. Use the analog stick to pick your preferred weapon and hit select.

You can also grab weapons from ringside, as you’ll typically find steel chairs and ring bells near the commentary table. In special matches, such as TLC, you’ll be able to find tables and ladders near the ring as well.

How to change weapon wheel in WWE 2K24

Follow these steps to change the weapon wheel in WWE 2K24. Also, keep in mind that this can only be done before starting a match:

The weapon wheel can be changed inside Match Options.
  1. Select a match type and head into the Superstar selection menu.
  2. Press Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation to open up Match Options.
  3. Select the Custom Match Rules option, and hit Accept until you reach the Edit Weapons slide.
  4. Select the weapons you want for each slot and hit Accept.

Those were all the weapons in WWE 2K24 and how to get them. For more on the game, check out

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