Are WWE 2K24 servers down? Current server status

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WWE 2K24 is in full swing, and the large number of players wanting to play the most popular game modes can bring some server issues. Check out the current status of the WWE 2K24 servers.

On March 8, 2K Games opened the doors to WWE 2K24, and players wasted no time diving into the new title of the franchise. With a ton of new gameplay features across its various game modes, WWE 2K24 promises many hours of exciting gameplay.

However, the experience can be affected by server issues. Entering the game and not being able to play due to server downtime is extremely frustrating. To prevent this, here’s a breakdown of the current status of WWE 2K24 servers, including some tips on how to check server status.

Are WWE 2K24 servers down?

All WWE 2K24 servers are working correctly, according to 2K Games’ exclusive server status website. On launch day, the game experienced some startup issues on PC. However, the devs have confirmed that PC players can already play with the new fixes.

How to check WWE 2K24 server status

Here are several ways to check the status of WWE 2K24 servers. Pay attention and take note of the main methods:

Game Status Website

Like other games from 2K Games, WWE 2K24 has its exclusive site where you can see in detail, for each platform, the status of the game servers.

WWE 2K24 Server Status
On the Game Status Website, you can check all WWE 2K24 platform statuses.

Social Media

Another way to verify the server status is to take a look at WWE 2K24’s Social Media. There, the devs often post if they are undergoing maintenance, patch notes, and more.

Jump into the game

Finally, a third option to check the server status is to jump directly into WWE 2K24 and see if you can play your favorite game mode.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about current WWE 2K24 server status.

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