WWE 2K24 Special Guest Referee match explained

Aakash Regmi
Shawn Michaels as Special Guest Referee in WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 brought plenty of new modes, and among all the newer match types is the Special Guest Referee. If you’re wondering how the match works, here’s all you need to know. 

From new match types to the many modes, there are tons of different ways to enter the squared circle in WWE 2K24. You can also instead play as a referee and officiate the fight by starting the Special Guest Referee match. 

Playing as a referee doesn’t just mean doing all the polite stuff like counting pinfalls and making sure rules are followed properly in WWE 2K24, you can always spice up a match by doing illegal things as well.

Of course, everything you do will have consequences, so here’s everything you need to know about playing as a referee in WWE 2K24.   

How to start Special Guest Referee match in WWE 2K24

To play a Special Guest Referee match in WWE 2K24, select One-on-One Match and then change the type to Special Guest Referee.

You can only play a Special Guest Referee match on a 1v1 singles match in WWE 2K24, and the referee can be anyone from the roster. 

Cody Rhodes in WWE 2K24
You can play as a referee wearing the Superstar’s in-ring attire as well.

What is WWE 2K24 Special Guest Referee match?

In the Special Guest Referee match in WWE 2K24, your objective is to officiate the match properly. This involves pinfalls, countdowns, keeping out any interference by ejecting managers, and more. All controls for available actions will be shown on your screen.

Every action you perform will be graded in the meter at the top left of your screen, and it’ll fill or empty based on the positive or negative action you perform. If you do enough bad things, a new referee will be called in and you’ll be booted out. 

The Referee Meter can be disabled before you start the match in Match Options, and if you do it, you can do anything you want with no consequences. 

You can always switch between referee mode and wrestler mode by pressing Option on your controller. In wrestler mode, you can do everything a wrestler can do, like throwing punches and performing finishers. Another neat trick you can do is, if you’ve got a finisher stacked, is perform a “Screwjob,” which is calling the match out on submission even though the opponent never tapped out. 

All in all, you can do everything and anything as a referee in WWE 2K24, and it is more of a light-hearted mode just for laughs. It’ll end once any one of the competitors is declared a winner.

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