How to become an Actor or Movie Star in BitLife

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An actor in BitLife

Life simulation game BitLife allows its players to choose from a wide range of professions including Actor and Movie Star. If you want a life filled with stardom, here’s a guide to becoming an Actor or Movie Star in BitLife.

Be it Roblox or the gaming industry in general, simulation games have always been popular among players, and why not? You can live and enjoy your dream life virtually with no barriers.

With over 10 million downloads, BitLife is one of the most popular life simulation games out there. From their birth to death, players take several important decisions regarding their education, marriage, and profession, among other things.

Here’s how to become an Actor or Movie Star in BitLife.

An actor performing on stage

How to be an Actor or Movie Star in BitLife

To be an Actor or Movie Star in BitLife, your character must have over 80% looks. If you do not have these attributes, we recommend rerolling which is basically restarting the game until you get a character with over 80% looks.

The real journey toward becoming an actor begins after you have a character with decent looks. Follow these steps to get there quickly:

  1. Once you reach the age of eight, find the Mind and Body section under Activities.
  2. Click on the Lessons tab and find Acting Lessons.
  3. If your parents do not support the Acting Lessons, wait till the age of eighteen and re-apply. Or, you can rebuild your character and repeat the process till your parents agree to pay for the Acting Lessons at eight.
  4. Continue taking Acting Lessons till your Acting Skill gets maxed out. Since your parents won’t pay for the lessons after high school, practice more than four times a year before aging up.
  5. Get a job and earn enough money to hire a Talent Agent. Find the Actor tab under Special Careers and use this Talent Agent to apply for auditions.
  6. The Actor tab allows you to audition for movie and television roles. By constantly applying for any of these roles, you should become an Actor or a Movie Star.

To significantly increase your fame as an actor, you must bag big acting roles constantly. Signing up on social media platforms is another way to boost your growth in this highly competitive profession.

BitLife no longer has a Voiceover Acting job

Do note that the aforementioned procedure to become an actor is quite different from the method that was prominent among BitLife players previously. It involved taking up a Voiceover Acting job and making your way to an Actor job through promotions.

You can no longer get the Voiceover Acting job in BitLife and hiring Talent Agents is the only way to become an Actor or Movie Star now.

Watchman, Doctor, Chef, and other jobs in BitLife

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