How to become a Model in BitLife

Aakrit Sharma
A Model in BitLife

Fashion is among the highest-paying career paths in BitLife, reaching the top gets you tons of fame and several avenues to earn money. If this is something you’re interested in, here’s how to become a Model in BitLife.

In Bitlife, your profession can have quite an impact on your entire in-game progression. You get some randomized attributes at the start of the game, go through school and college, after which you can get a wide range of jobs such as Actor, CEO, and of course, Model.

While you can’t choose the attributes of your character at the start of the game if you’re a free-to-play player, playing with God Mode gives you a lot more freedom, and getting your favorite job isn’t a hassle.

So, here’s a guide on how to become a Model in BitLife, getting money and fame in the process.

job application in bitlife
You can apply for several jobs in Bitlife.

What is a Model in BitLife?

You work in the fashion industry as a Model in BitLife and there are five types of models in the game. These include:

  • Foot Model
  • Hand Model
  • Catalogue Model
  • Lingerie Model
  • Runway Model

Usually, you’ll step foot in the fashion industry as a Foot Model, and thereafter, it’s all about working hard and becoming a Runway Model. BitLife might allow you to directly apply for positions better than Foot Model but to be fair, it’s unlikely that you’ll get an interview.

Hence, the best way to progress is to become a Foot Model and work your way up with experience and hard work.

Lingerie model application in Bitlife.
Even within the modeling industry, you have access to many different job opportunities.

How to be a Model in BitLife

You need at least 80% Looks to be a Model in BitLife and this is the only thing that should matter in your entire journey. Hence, make sure that you start the game with a character that has at least 80% Looks, and from there, it’s all about maintaining them.

Your school won’t really matter so you can rush through it. However, make sure to hit the gym and go on walks or there’s a chance that you deteriorate your looks.

After finishing school, constantly search for the Foot Model job in the Occupations section. Once you get it, the goal should be to Work Hard and get promoted to Runway model.

At the final stage, you’ll become quite famous which has its own perks like brand deals, photoshoots, and other roles. With the right strategy, you should be able to earn millions after becoming a supermodel.

This was everything to know about being a Model in BitLife. If you’re willing to play BitLife as a cat or a dog, check out this detailed guide on DogLife.

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