Halo x Fall Guys crossover event: Spartan Showdown release date & skins

Halo cosmetics in Fall Guys

A new crossover between Halo and Fall Guys has been announced, and here’s everything that we know about Spartan Showdown, including the starting date and new skins.

Fall Guys took the gaming world by storm when it was released back on August 4, 2020. Mediatonic’s fun-loving multiplayer party game has a great blend of competitive quirkiness, appealing to a wide range of audiences.

As well as the gameplay, the creative cosmetics and characters are also loved, and the developers are extending this further by bringing a crossover with the popular Halo video game series.

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Here’s everything we know about the leaked Fall Guys x Halo Spartan Showdown crossover.

Fall Guys x Halo Spartan Showdown release date

Fall Guys x Halo Spartan Showdown release date

The trailer for the Spartan Showdown confirms that the Fall Guys and Halo crossover will take place from June 30 to July 4, and this was officially announced at the Xbox Games Showcase Extended.

This was done in the wake of Epic Games’ acquisition and a relaunch for Fall Guys which is set to make the game free-to-play and finally available on Xbox consoles.

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Fall Guys x Halo Spartan Showdown cosmetics

In the video announcement of Spartan Showdown, which is inspired by Halo 3’s “Believe” trailer, Fall Guys characters are shown in a frozen state during the chaos of a round.

Then, out of nowhere, Halo Infinite’s cat ear Spartan Helmet can be spotted, and later on, a full Master Chief armor outfit. Other Halo cosmetics can be spotted, including Chieftain armor and Grunt armor.

That’s all we currently know about Fall Guys’ Halo Infinite crossover, but as more information is released we’ll be sure to update this piece. For now, check out our FIFA 23 rating predictions.

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Image Credits: Mediatonic Games / 343 Industries