Genshin Impact Navia abilities leaked: Skills, Talents, Constellations, more

Navia fighting alongside Melus and Silver in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse

Navia is currently slated for the upcoming Genshin Impact v4.3, but you don’t have to wait to learn more about her abilities thanks to recent leaks. So here are all the details on Navia’s kit, including her Skills, Constellations, and more. 

Even though Genshin Impact has an impressive list of characters, which continues to increase after each update, Geo hasn’t had much representation. The last 5-star Geo character was Itto, dating back to version 2.3. 

Luckily, in the nation of Hydro, which has already introduced some of the strongest characters, Neuvillette and Furina, Geo is finally getting some love with the release of Navia in Genshin Impact version 4.3. 

Leaks have revealed much of her kit already, so here’s everything we know about Navia’s abilities so far.

Genshin Impact Navia Normal Attack leaked

There isn’t anything particularly striking about Navia’s Normal Attacks in Genshin Impact, it is similar to most other Claymore users, here are the leaked details:

  • Normal Attack: Performs 4 consecutive strikes, like usual. 
  • Charged Attack: Performs spinning attack similar to other Claymore users, which also drains stamina.
  • Plugining Attack: Standard Claymore plunge, nothing else. 
Navia with her umbrella in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Navia is the president of Spina di Rosula.

Genshin Impact Navia Elemental Skill leaked

Navia’s Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact has Ousia Arkhe alignment, and here are the leaked details on her Elemental Skill. 

In her Elemental Skill, Ceremonial Crystalshot, Navia uses her signature umbrella like a gun, which is called Gunbrella. The number of rounds she fires with her Gunbrella and its damage scales with the amount of Elemental Shard created from the Crystallize reaction. Here’s a simple breakdown:

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  • When a character obtains a Shard from Crystallize reaction, Navia gains one Crystal Shrapnel charge. Six such charges can be stored. 
  • When she has 0/1/2/3 or more charge, 5/7/9/11 rounds will be fired from her Elemental Skill.
  • The more rounds fired, the greater the damage. If 11 rounds are fired, they will deal 200% of the original amount of damage. 
  • When the charge count is more than three, the damage for the additional shot will increase by 15%.

So, basically, collect Elemental Shards and Navia will gain a charge depending on the amount of shards collected. Higher the shards, more rounds, and more damage.

If you hold Navia’s Elemental Skill, it’ll do all the same stuff mentioned above, as well as collect all Elemental Shards. 

Navia Elemental Skill stats (Level 10)

  • Rosula Shardshot Base DMG: 710.6%
  • Crystal Shrapnel Duration: 300s
  • Surging Blade DMG: 64.8%
  • Surging Blade Interval: 7s
  • CD: 9s

Genshin Impact Navia Elemental Burst leaked

In her Elemental Burst, Navia performs a gun salute, raining down a massive bombardment with canons on enemies in Genshin Impact. This isn’t just a one-time firework, as her burst lasts longer, continuously dealing some damage.

According to leaks, the Elemental Burst, As the Sunlit Sky’s Singing Salute, does the following: 

  • Deals AoE Geo DMG upon first unleashment.
  • Periodically deals Geo DMG afterwards.
  • Provides Navia 1 Crystal Shrapnel charge every 2.4s seconds.

Navia Elemental Burst stats (Level 10)

  • Skill DMG: 135.4%
  • Fire Support DMG: 77.7%
  • Fire Support Duration: 12s
  • CD: 15s
  • Energy Cost: 60

Genshin Impact Navia Constellation leaked

Here are all the leaked Navia’s Constellations in Genshin Impact, from C1 to C6.

  • C1: After using her Elemental Skill, for each Crystal Shrapnel charge, Navia gains
    • 2 Energy, up to 6.
    • Reduction in Elemental Burst cooldown by 1s, up to 3s.
  • C2: Navia’s Elemental Skill CRIT Rate is increased by 8% for each charge, up to 24%. Wherever you fire the Skill, a support round from Elemental Burst will also hit the nearby place.
  • C3: Increase Elemental Skill level by 3.
  • C4: Enemies that are hit by Elemental Burst have their Geo RES decreased by 20% for 8s.
  • C5: Increases Elemental Burst level by 3.
  • C6: When Navia consumes three charges during her Elemental Skill, every additional charge will increase her Elemental Skill’s CRIT DMG damage by 35%.

Genshin Impact Navia Talent passives leaked

Here are all the Navia’s passive in Genshin Impact, according to leaks:

  • Undisclosed Distribution Channels: Navia’s Normal, Charged, and Plunging attacks are infused with Geo for 4s after using her Elemental Skill, also DMG death by her Normal, Charged, and Plunging attacks are boosted by 40%.
  • Mutual Assistance Network: For each Pyro/Electro/Cryo/Hydro party member, Navia ATK is increased by 20%, this effect is capped at 40%.
  • Painstaking Transaction: 25% more reward on Fontaine expeditions.

That’s about everything known so far about Navia’s kit, we’ll update if there are any changes and when she releases. Remember, these are all leaked stats, and much can change when she is officially live.

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