Genshin Impact Chiori: Release date, abilities, constellation, more

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Chiori in Genshin Impact

Chiori is confirmed for version 4.5 of Genshin Impact, and we now know much about her kit following the Special Program livestream. So here’s everything about Chiori in Genshin Impact, from constellations to abilities.

Version 4.5 of Genshin Impact is nearing its March 13 release date. It will introduce a third limited banner that features characters like Albedo and many weapons including the Hunter’s Path.

Chiori is undoubtedly the highlight for 4.5 of an otherwise lighter patch, as it doesn’t feature any major quests or expansions like 4.4. But you don’t have to wait too long to learn about Chiori’s kit in Genshin Impact, thanks to the 4.5 livestream briefing. 

Here is everything about Chiori in Genshin Impact.

Chiori in Genshin Impact
Chiori is from Inazuma and runs a fashion shop, Chioriya Boutique, in Fontaine.

When does Chiori arrive in Genshin Impact?

Chiori is confirmed to be released during phase 1 of version 4.5 of Genshin Impact on March 13. She’ll be available alongside the limited banner of Itto.

Genshin Impact Chiori Element and weapon

Chiori wields the Geo element in Genshin Impact, and she’ll use a Sword in combat. Her signature weapon is called Uraku Misugiri, and it has high CRIT DMG sub-stats with a passive that boosts Elemental Skill DMG and DEF. 

Genshin Impact gameplay

You can see Chiori in action in the Genshin Impact’s version 4.5 “Blades Weaving Betwixt Brocade” trailer:

Genshin Impact Chiori full kit

Chiori in Genshin Impact has the capability of being both an off-field sub-DPS and an on-field DPS and scales with DEF. She doesn’t have any supporting capabilities and is a proper DMG dealer, best used off-field. 

She is fairly similar to Albedo, so here is the full details on Chiori’s kit:

Chiori abilities

  • Normal Attack: Performs the usual set of Normal (x4 slashes), Charged (x2 rapid strikes), and Plunging Attacks, similar to other Sword users.
  • Elemental Skill (Fluttering Hasode): In her Elemental Skill, Chiori will lunge forward dancing, and as it ends, she’ll summon an autonomous doll called Tamato. If there are any Geo constructs nearby an additional Tamato will summoned, only one additional Tamato can be summoned this way.
    • If you hold Chiori’s Elemental Skill you can give direction to her jumps, similar to Alhaitham and Keqing.
    • Tamato does periodic AoE Geo DMG similar to other Geo constructs, here are its stats (at level 10): 
      • Tamato DMG: 148% ATK + 185% DEF
      • Tamato Duration: 7.0s
      • Tamato Attack Interval: 3.6s
      • Upward Sweep Attack DMG: 269% ATK + 336% DEF
      • CD: 16.0s
  • Elemental Burst: Unleashes dual blade dealing Geo DMG. Here are Chiori’s Elemental Burst stats at level 10:
    • Skill DMG: 651% ATK + 814% DEF
    • CD: 15.0s
    • Energy Cost: 60
  • Passives:
    • Tailor-Made: Performing different follow-up attacks after her Elemental Skill will provide different buffs to Chirori.  
      • If you perform the Elemental Skill again, it’ll switch characters, and every time the now-on-filed character performs an attack, Tamoto will do a coordinated attack dealing AoE Geo DMG equivalent to 100% of Chiroi’s Elemental Skill. Tamoto can perform coordinated attacks only once every 2s, and a total of two such attacks can be performed no matter how many Tamoto you have on the field. 
      • If you follow up with her normal attack, Chiori will get 5s of Geo infusion. 
      • If none of the attacks are performed, Chiori will get 5s of Geo infusion. 
    • The Finishing Touch: Chiori will get a 20% Elemental Skill DMG Bonus if a nearby party member summons a Geo construct. 
    • Exploration passive (Brocaded Collar’s Beauteous Silhouette): Increase party members’ movement SPD by 10% whenever you use different outfits or gliders. Anything that is not default counts.

Chiori leaked Constellations

  • C1: The AoE range of the Tamoto is increased by 50%. Plus, whenever there are additional Geo characters nearby (other than Chiori), Chiori will summon another Tamoto, up to two Tamoto can co-exist at a single time. Whenever an additional Tamoto is summoned, The Finishing Touch is activated even if there are no Geo constructs.
  • C2: Whenever you perform her Elemental Burst, Chiori will summon a new doll, Kinu. Kinu will attack opponents dealing AoE Geo DMG equivalent to 170% of Tamoto’s DMG. Kinu will leave the field by attacking once or when 3s have elapsed.
  • C3: Increase Elemental Skill level by 3.
  • C4: After you can trigger any one follow-up from the Chiori’s passive, Tailor Made, and one of the on-field character’s Normal, Charged, or Plunging Attacks hit an opponent, Kinu will be summoned. One Kinu can be summoned every 1s and a total of three Kinu can be summoned this way.
  • C5: Increase Elemental Burst level by 3. 
  • C6: If you follow up Chiori’s Elemental Skill with a normal attack, her normal, charged, and plunging attack DMG will be increased by 180% of her own DEF. It’ll also reset her Elemental Skill cooldown by 14.5s.

That’s everything about Chiori in Genshin Impact. For more on Genshin Impact, check out: 

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