Genshin Impact Chevreuse abilities leaked: Skills, Talents, Constellations, more

Aakash Regmi
Chevreus with her musket in Genshin Impact

Chevreuse is scheduled for the upcoming Genshin Impact v4.3, but most of her kit has already leaked. So here are all of Chevreuse’s abilities, talents, and more, according to the latest leaks.


There isn’t much time left for the December 20 release of Genshin Impact version 4.3. With packed limited banners of characters like Furina, Baizhu, and the upcoming re-run Cyno and Ayato, it certainly won’t feel like a long wait. 

Genshin Impact v4.3 is confirmed to have banners of Navia and Chevreuse, and we already know much about their kits courtesy of all the leaks. Navia is a 5-star Geo Claymore user, while Chevreuse is a 4-star so there is a chance that both will be paired on the same banner. 

Here are all the details on Chevreuse’s kit, based on all the reputable leaks from closed beta. Remember, all the numbers and finer details may change upon release. 

Genshin Impact Chevreuse Normal Attack leaked

Chevreuse’s Normal Attack in Genshin Impact is fairly standard. It isn’t anything you haven’t seen elsewhere with other Polearm users. Here are the details: 

  • Normal Attack: Performs 4 consecutive strikes. 
  • Charged Attack: Performs lunging attack similar to other Polearm users, also drains stamina.
  • Plugining Attack: Standard Polearm plunge. 

Genshin Impact Chevreuse Elemental Skill leaked

Chevreuse in Genshin Impact has an Ousia Arkhe alignment in her Elemental Skill, which is unleashed periodically dealing Pyro damage, the same as any other Fontaine character.

In her Elemental Skill, Chevreuse uses her musket to fire bullets dealing Pyro DMG. Chevreuse’s Elemental Skill has two different variations: a simple firing when you just tap the button, and an aimed firing when you hold the button. This is fairly similar to other characters like Navia and Neuvillette, as her hold mode has some benefits. 

In her hold Elemental Skill, instead of only firing standard rounds, Chevreuse can also fire an Overcharged Ball. Of course, you’ll need an Overcharged Ball to fire it, and Chevreuse gains one such Overcharged Ball every time an overload reaction is triggered. Overcharged rounds do more Pyro DMG compared to the regular ones, and you can have only one ball at a time. 

Additionally, after any of the rounds are fired from Chevreuse’s musket, she heals all the nearby party members, based on her Max HP.

So the gist is to first trigger overload to be able to fire an Overcharged Ball and do more damage, or simply fire and heal all characters as a general healer. 

Chevreuse Elemental Skills stats (Level 10)

  • Press DMG: 207.4%
  • Hold DMG: 311%
  • Overcharged Ball DMG: 508.3%
  • HP Regeneration Over Time: 4.8% Max HP+564
  • Healing Duration: 12s
  • Surging Blade DMG: 51.8%
  • Surging Blade Interval: 15s
  • CD: 15s

Genshin Impact Chevreuse Elemental Burst leaked

Chevreuse’s Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact isn’t too complicated. She uses her musket to fire an explosive grenade that deals AoE Pyro Damage. Upon contact, the explosive grenade will also break into smaller shells which will later continue to do Pyro Damage. 

Elemental Burst stats (Level 10)

  • Explosive Grenade DMG: 662.7%
  • Secondary Explosive Shell DMG: 88.4%
  • CD: 15s
  • Energy Cost: 60

Genshin Impact Chevreuse Talent passives leaked

Chevreuse will have the following passive in Genshin Impact, according to leaks:

  • Vanguard’s Coordinated Tactics: When all characters in your party are Pyro or Electro, with at least one from both Pyro and Electro, Chevreuse grants “Coordinated Tactics” to all party members. When the effect is granted, every time a party member triggers an overload reaction, opponents affected by overload will have their Pyro RES decreased by 40% for 6s. 
  • Vertical Force Coordination: Whenever Chevreuse fires an Overcharged Ball, all nearby Pyro and Electro characters will have their attack increased by 1% of every 1000 Max HP Chevreuse has. Meaning, 2% for 2,000 HP, 5% for 5,000 HP and so forth. This is capped at 40% and for 30s. 
  • Double Time March: Decreases sprinting stamina consumption by 20%. 

Genshin Impact Chevreuse Constellation leaked

Here are all of Chevreuse’s leaked Constellations in Genshin Impact.

  • C1: Whenever a party member with Coordinated Tactics (passive talent), excluding Chevreuse, triggers an overload reaction, they’ll recover 6 Energy. This can occur every 10s.  
  • C2: After firing Chevreuse’s hold Elemental Skill, two additional chain explosions will be fired that will deal Pyro DMG equivalent to 120% of Chevreuse’s ATK. 
  • C3: Increases Element Skill level by 3. 
  • C4: Using Elemental Burst will decrease the hold Elemental Skill cooldown by 100%. This is refreshed after her Skill is fully used, or 6 seconds has elapsed. 
  • C5: Increase Elemental Burst level by 3. 
  • C6:
    • Everytime a party member is healed by Chevreuse’s Elemental Skill, they gain 20% Pyro and Electro DMG bonus for 8s. This can be stacked up to 3 times. 
    • Once Chevreuse’s healing effect ends, all party members will recover HP equivalent to 10% of Chevreuse’s Max HP.

That’s everything we know about the Chevreuse kit in Genshin Impact. Again, these are only leaks and are subject to change. We’ll update if there are any changes and when the character is live. For more on the game, check out: 

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