Far Cry Battle Royale mode teased in Far Cry 6 Easter Egg

Andrew Highton
far cry 6 trailer image

A cool Far Cry 6 Easter Egg appears to show players a brief glimpse of a potential new game, with some players believing it may be a Far Cry battle royale game.

It seems that Ubisoft could be shaping up to launch a new battle royale game as a Far Cry 6 Easter Egg seems to reveal a new Far Cry battle royale game.

Thanks to the success of games such as H1Z1 and PUBG, the battle royale genre has exploded in the last few years with games such as Fortnite, Warzone, and Apex Legends dominating the market.

Multiple franchises and new titles have come along to try and grab a slice of the market share, like Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape, but haven’t been too successful. A Far Cry battle royale game could be Ubisoft’s next attempt if this Easter Egg is hinting at it.

image from Far Cry 6 easter egg video

As with most big releases, gaming personalities can score themselves early copies of major AAA releases, and it seems like YouTuber JorRaptor was able to do just that.

They’ve been able to enjoy Far Cry 6 earlier than most people, and in doing so, have discovered a neat Easter Egg.

If players head to a yard in the Costal Del Mar, there will be some wooden crates dotted around that have a QR code on them.

If players scan them, it will play a short video that only lasts a few seconds, but with multiple watches and basic deduction, a few things can be surmised.

Firstly, the main body of the video shows two scaled-down versions of temples from Far Cry 4’s fictional location of Kyrat. It also shows three red arrows in a style that usually represents enemies on a minimap.

Another big indicator of it being an open, battle royale game is the existence of markers with animals drawn on them. This could easily be representative of creatures roaming the map that will either try to kill players or be able to provide crafting materials mid-game. Finally, more markers appear this time with skulls on, probably indicating the death of a player.

At this point, it could be a Far Cry battle royale game mode, or just a basic multiplayer mode extension on the way, only time will tell.

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Image Credit: Ubisoft

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