Dr Disrespect’s new game will feature NFTs to promote player ownership

Joseph Pascoulis
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New details surrounding NFT ownership have been released regarding Guy Beahm aka Dr Disrespect’s new FPS game under his development studio Midnight Society.

While raging about the state of Call of Duty, Dr Disrespect has been enjoying Apex Legends and also working on a brand-new game with his game development studio Midnight Society.

The studio is aiming to create a competitive FPS game that brings innovation to the genre. One way the studio is aiming to do that is through NFT ownership, as they recently announced a partnership with Polygon.

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In an interview with Forbes released on May 31, 2022, Dr Disrespect and the Midnight Society dev team announced that they are working with Polygon Studios, an organization focused on growing the Blockchain gaming and NFT industry.

Many may be confused by what this actually means for Midnight Society’s new game. Essentially, Dr Disrespect and the Midnight Society dev team will be working with Polygon studios to bring player ownership of in-game items.

Through NFTs, Midnight Society aims to create a game in which players can “trade their in-game items freely without incurring high transaction fees or negatively impacting the environment.”

It also seems Dr Disrespect and Midnight Society want to make it clear that players will not need to get involved with NFTs and the blockchain if they don’t wish to. The NFTs and in-game items will not change your experience, “It won’t be pay-to-win.”

However, the use of NFTs and the Blockchain means that players will have ownership over the items they purchase in-game, allowing them to sell and trade them freely, which is currently not a feature in live free-to-play games such as Fortnite and Warzone.

Dr Disrespect’s new game is shaping up to be an innovative project, so stay tuned for more updates. For now, check out everything we know about FIFA 23.

Image Credits: Midnight Society / Dr Disrespect

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