How to raise friendship level fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Andrew Highton
disney dreamlight valley character fishing with wall-e and goofy

Friendship levels are a major aspect of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s gameplay and we have everything you need to know to increase character ranks quickly.

Many of Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s quests and items are tied to character friendship levels and it’s up to you to raise them to their max.

There are actually a few ways you can go about raising friendship levels in the game, and some are more effective than others.

So let’s run through the best methods to raise friendship in Disney Dreamlight Valley so that you’re well-equipped for the game’s full release.

Completing friendship quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This is something that will likely come naturally, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t care to hammer the point. Each character that you can build up your friendship level with will have specific character quests, and completion of each one will greatly boost that level.

Not only that, but you will also be rewarded with extra benefits such as recipes and more!

Cook meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Chez Remy is a Ratatouille-inspired restaurant and once it’s fully operational you’ll be able to feed your friends, although some luck will be needed.

To capitalize on this method, you’ll need to ensure your ingredients are stocked up, and you’re vigilant in your checks on Chez Remy as the characters that come in and out during the day will be random. But if you do cook someone you know their favorite meal, a hefty friendship XP boost will be coming your way.

level up donald duck in disney dreamlight valley

Give gifts each day in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Who doesn’t like presents? Well, if you’re a generous soul that delights in the art of gift-giving, then you can see your friendship with iconic characters flourish.

You’re permitted to give each character up to three gifts a day, with some of them proving to be rarer and harder to come across than others. So, again, there will be an element of chance involved, but you’ll be well-rewarded.

Spend time with characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley provides players with a few fun activities to kill time, and if you engage in one of these with an NPC you’re trying to butter up, then this will go a long way to increasing your friendship with them.

Better still, if you can complete the activity tailored to the character, then you’ll earn even more XP on top of what you’d normally get.

Talk to characters daily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The final one here but a simple and enjoyable one as another fast way to better become friends with the game’s characters is to simply talk to them.

One discussion a day will keep the XP going up, up and away, so make sure you’re speaking to everyone you need to level up your friendship with on the daily.

These are great ways to quickly build up your friendship with Disney Dreamlight Valley characters. If you’re after more knowledge about the game though, we have plenty more guides for you to check out:

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