Best things to buy in GTA Online

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The world of GTA Online is filled with a wide range of different items that players can purchase to make their character even more of a threat in the criminal world, so it is good to know what the best things to buy in GTA Online so that you can make wise spending choices and become a dominating force.

GTA Online has been one of the most popular multiplayer games globally following its release years ago. While a large portion of the community has been searching for anything related to GTA 6, plenty of players are still enjoying the chaos of GTA Online regularly.

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It can be a tad overwhelming for non-veteran players when they start out and are unsure what the best things to buy in GTA Online are, considering you can almost purchase anything your mind can imagine.

So, we have gathered a couple of the best things to buy in GTA Online so you know what you should be aiming for at first.

Best things to buy in GTA Online

Best things to buy in GTA Online



The Terrobyte is a monster of a vehicle and can be a very powerful addition to any player’s fleet. However, its most alluring feature is it allows players to unlock and take on Client Jobs, which are various kinds of missions that can deliver massive paydays for players.

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Investing in and acquiring a Terrorbyte is an excellent way to kick start a lot of money-making when it comes to being one of the best things to buy in GTA Online.

However, it is important to note that players must own a Nightclub before they can purchase the Terrorbyte.

Armored vehicle

Duke O' Death

While the Terrorbyte is a monster of a vehicle, it is not the greatest when it comes to getting around Los Santos, so you will want to make sure you have an armored vehicle like the Duke O’ Death, as you will need a strong car to be able to make it safely through Los Santos when other players are doing their best to destroy anything they see.

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A home


Spawning out in the wild is making for a quick and untimely death in GTA Online, so there is no doubt that one of the best things to buy in GTA Online is some form of real estate for your character.

This will give you a safe spawning location and also plenty of other helpful perks like large garages to store all of your vehicles, safes for weapons, and more.

It is also entertaining, as you invite your friends to party with you at any of your real estate locations for some trouble that only the Rockstar Games title can provide.

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AP Pistol

It will take some time and money to acquire an extensive and powerful arsenal, but you should make one of the first additions is the AP Pistol.

This AP Pistol is unlocked at level 33 and can be bought for $5,000, making it one of the first extremely powerful weapons you can get in the game, thanks to its formidable fire rate that makes it a beast in close quarters fights.


GTA Online Bunker

Making money is very important, which is why a Bunker is one of the best things to buy in GTA Online, as it allows you to open a gun-running business.

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This venture does not require players to do much once they start the gunrunning business. It brings in an enormous amount of passive income, making it a precious investment for players that will allow them to get anything else they would like in the game in the future.

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