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What is a client job in GTA Online?

A client job is an excellent way for players to make money in GTA Online, so here is what you need to know about these kinds of jobs in the popular game.



client job gta online

Making money is one of the most important things in the world of GTA Online, which is why knowing what a client job is and how to complete one can be a very valuable piece of knowledge.

GTA Online is one of the most popular games globally, as the vast open-world title allows players to live out extravagant and exciting adventures. However, it would be best if you acquired plenty of cash to live these adventures out properly.

There are various kinds of jobs that players can complete to earn money in the high-profile Rockstar game, with one being the GTA Online client job, and we have everything you need to know about this kind of activity covered for you.

what is a client job in gta online

What is a client job in GTA Online?

The GTA Online client job activity was added to the After Hours update that becomes available for players once they purchase a Terrorbyte.

This Terrorbyte is an armored military vehicle that players can purchase on the Warstock Cache and Carry store website. However, you must own a nightclub to store this vehicle, as a nightclub is the only place you can store the Terrorbyte. Once you have acquired the Terrorbyte, you will be able to start accepting client jobs in GTA Online.

There are six different kinds of client jobs that you can find below:

  • Robbery in Progress
  • Data Sweep
  • Targeted Data
  • Diamond Shopping
  • Collector’s Pieces
  • Deal Breaker

Players will need to have the Drone Station upgrade for the Terrorbyte to do the Targeted Data and Diamond Shopping jobs. The other four jobs do not require a specific Terrorbyte upgrade to complete them.

These activities can be very lucrative for your bank account in the fan-favorite game. Players looking for some entertaining ways to earn some money when playing will not be disappointed if they accept any of these jobs.

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Image Credits: Rockstar