Best bows in Elden Ring & how to get them

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Godric in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has plenty of weapons for everyone’s playstyle, and if you love ranged combat, there are several choices from bows to magic. Here are some of the best bows in Elden Ring and where to find them.

It’s time to get back to The Lands Between once again as Elden Ring‘s new DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree is up for pre-order. For the ones who are getting back into the game and are opting for new fun builds to try, ranged combat might be the way to go.

From various incantations to literal bows, Elden Ring provides an extensive list of options for ranged combat. However, if used effectively, bows are some of the best weapons to kill your enemies from afar.

Here are the best bows in Elden Ring and where to get them.

Elden Ring: Best bows & where to find them

Black Bow

Black Bow Elden Ring
The Black Bow is one of the most versatile options to choose from.

The Black Bow in Elden Ring is one of the most versatile bows in the game as it has the ability to use jump shots as well. However, that is not the only great aspect of the weapon as its base damage is extremely useful for players trying to kill an enemy from a distance.

To wield the Black Bow, you will need 9 Strength and 20 Dexterity and it can be upgraded with Somber Smithing Stones. You can find the weapon in Leyndell, Royal Capital on a corpse on a rooftop near the lift to the Lower Level of the Royal Capital.

Composite Bow

The only light bow with the Mighty Shot unique skill, the Composite Bow is one of the quickest bows in Elden Ring. You can get this bow from the Nomadic Merchant near Bellum Church in Liurnia of the Lakes for 3500 runes.

To wield it, you will need to have 15 Strength and 15 Dex.

Red Branch Shortbow

The Red Branch Shortbow is quite similar to the Composite Bow in Elden Ring, the only difference between them being a unique skill. This weapon has the Barrage instead of the Mighty Shot, which makes it a faster bow for inflicting status effects.

To get this weapon, you will need to farm the Page enemies in Leyndell, Tomsward Ruins, and Royal Moongazing Grounds. To wield it, you will need 15 Strength and 15 Dex.

Pulley Bow

Pulley Bow Elden Ring
Pulley Bow is arguably the best longbow in the game.

Many consider the Pulley Bow to be the best longbow in Elden Ring, and that is mostly due to its outrageous range of 55, the longest in the game. However, that is not all, as it also has some sweet base damage and can be great for inflicting status effects on enemies from afar.

You can find this bow sitting on a corpse at the top of a siege tower, located north of Gelmir Hero’s Grave in Mt Gelmir. It requires you to have a minimum of 11 Strength and 11 Dex to be wielded.


Elden Ring not only has a large array of weapons, it even has subclasses in each weapon class as well. The Greatbow is one of them as its gigantic size makes it deal immense damage on contact. Although it has a slower fire rate, the massive damage suffices for it.

You can find it inside a chest in the Highway Lookout Tower in Altus Plateau. Alternatively, you also can farm it from the Redmane and Leyndell Knights as well. You will need 20 Strength and 20 Dex to wield it.

This was everything you need to know about the best bows in Elden Ring and where to find them. For more on the game, check out other guides:

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