Apex Legends dev informs players of content “dry spell” before the next collection event

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends collection event

An Apex Legends developer has announced a “dry spell” content-wise for June, promising more for the 9.1 update, which will most likely be the next collection event.

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy has been a pretty big season for the game in terms of player count and content, drawing in new fans to witness many new content and updates introduced in the patch notes.

It seems players have now sunk their teeth into the Season 9 content, getting to learn and understand the new Legend Valkyrie, the 3v3 Arenas mode, and even the Bocek Bow, with players now hungry for more.

apex legends collection event

Unfortunately, for those eager for some new content in Apex Legends, it seems the upcoming month is set to be fairly lackluster. Apart from some smaller updates like the Wattson fence fix, players don’t really have much else to be looking forward to.

It’s great that Respawn is constantly staying on top of community feedback, like when it came to nerfing the Bocek Bow and even introducing the leaver penalty in Arenas, which has subsequently been temporarily removed. However, players still want more.

Players have been given the smaller Arenas Flash events, one of which is currently available now. However, the last installment of these mini-events is on June 8th, leaving the rest of June with a severe lack of new content.

Perhaps we will see some new recolors during this period, which will definitely get those who are interested in collecting skins excited, but not the majority.


Director of Communications at Respawn, Ryan Rigney, took to Twitter to announce that “the next month for Apex is gonna be a bit of a dry spell content release-wise. But when 9.1 drops at the end of June…gonna be some good stuff to chew on.”

Maybe the Apex dev is hinting at the next heirloom collection event, which is rumored by dataminers to be called “Japan Legacy.” Perhaps this is also where we will be seeing the Revenant scythe heirloom that was leaked very recently.

Who knows, but what we do know is that players will have to sit tight until this next release of content, which will arrive at the end of June.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment