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Apex Legends: All unreleased skins, recolors, and bundles

Dataminers have unearthed some unreleased Apex Legends skins that could be released very soon, as well as some we may never see.



apex legends unreleased skins

Like other free-to-play games, Apex Legends’ cosmetics like skins are extremely sought after and highly anticipated by players, especially when they leak and are unreleased after some time.

Since the Chaos Theory update, dataminers among the community have discovered a plethora of unreleased skins, some that players will never see.

The unreleased cosmetics range from recolors of previous fan favorites, as well as some completely new skins that players could see in the near future.

Unreleased R-301 skin

Leaked and unreleased Apex Legends Season 9 skins and recolors

Dataminer @Shrugtal is a reliable leaker who even describes himself as the “Apex Legends skin prophet,” as he has leaked many skins that have eventually entered the game.

In one of his latest posts, he showed off some new skin recolors for Wraith and Horizon, as well as some weapon recolors for the Volt and R-301.

Shrugtal is expecting these recolors to enter the exclusive store in Season 9, which is just two weeks away. The names for these new skins are also given, as well as the original skins you will need in order to purchase them with Legend Tokens.

Shrugtal was also responsible for the leak of Iron Crown reskins in the War Games update that is currently ongoing in Apex Legends.

We also have the Golden Week sale to look forward to, which will feature recolors of Octane and Bloodhounds skins, as well as banner frames and a charm.

Leaked and unreleased Apex Legends bundle skins

The latest Legend to be revealed, Valkyrie, has also had her launch bundle skins leaked, which was seen in the new trailer by Shrugtal.

The bundle skin will feature similar attire to Titanfall’s Viper, a character who manned the Northstar for the Apex Predators during the Frontier War.

You can expect this skin to be available in the store come March 4th, when Season 9: Legacy is released and players can finally get their hands on Valkyrie.

Another bundle we will be seeing in the future is the Mirage Edition skin bundle, which was leaked a little while ago by @Biast12.

This skin looks great, with a futuristic cowboy look, fitting perfectly with Mirage’s flashy style. This also has a Volt weapon skin and charm to go along with it, which fits the futuristic cowboy look very nicely.

Unreleased Chinatown Market collaboration skins

The Chinatown Market Apex Legends collaboration skins were meant to be released on March 30th, however, following the campaign to stop Asian hate, the company decided they were going to rebrand, bringing the collab to a halt.

The skins included in this collaboration were leaked, and although the new rebrand could take on a similar style, just with different name branding, they could also look completely different.

This would mean these leaked skins will never come to fruition, which would be a shame considering how amazing they look.

These Apex Legends unreleased skins should all be seen in the future in some way or another, so keep an eye out in the store and stay tuned on Charlie Intel for updates and news.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment