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Many fans eagerly awaiting the Closed Alpha are wondering about the game modes in Marvel Rivals. Take a look at all the game modes revealed so far in Marvel Rivals.

Marvel Rivals is the new shooter from NetEase that brings together most of the characters seen in the MCU to engage in fierce Overwatch-style showdowns. The game will soon enter a Closed Alpha period, and all those who want to participate must meet the system requirements to run Marvel Rivals.

If you’re eager to jump into the new Marvel game, take a look at the game modes of Marvel Rivals.

All Marvel Rivals game modes so far

Marvel Rivals will have three game modes: Convoy, Domination, and Convergence. According to NetEase, they will be all available during the Closed Alpha Test from May 10, 2024, until May 20, 2024

Marvel Rivals Escort mode
In Marvel Rivals Convoy Mode, the attacking team needs to deliver a chariot.

What is Convoy Mode in Marvel Rivals?

In Marvel Rivals, Convoy will likely make a team to escort a chariot to a delivery point, while the defending team attempts to prevent them until the timer runs out. The more players from the attacking team are near the chariot, the faster it will move forward. However, if the entire defensive team is around it, this will significantly push it back.

What is Domination Mode in Marvel Rivals?

Domination will likely feature two teams of six players fighting to capture a designated point on the map. Players from each team must enter the marked area and defend the point against the siege of the opposing team. A team can capture the point when the score reaches 100%. The team’s score will increase if they have control of the strategic point.

While the mechanics of Convergence haven’t been specified by NetEase, it’s important to note that every detail will be revealed during the Closed Alpha Test. We will make sure to keep this page updated as soon as the developers reveal new details.

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